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Dr Martina Gooney

Dr. Martina Gooney - PhD

1997 BSc Biomedical Science  2.1 (Hons) University College Cork  
2001 PhD Trinity College Dublin

Career History

UCD Research assistant                01/09/97 to 05/09/98
TCD  Lecturer/Demonstrator           20/09/98 to 12/09/01
WIT  Lecturer                                15/09/01 to Present

Membership of Professional Bodies

Physiological Society                          1999/2001
Irish Association for Cancer Research   2005-2006
Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) 1997-2009
Irish Psycho-Oncology Association      2007-2009

Research Visits, Research Training Events and Conferences attended

1999    Radiological Protection Workshop, T.C.D.
1999    Loratory Animal Science, T.C.D., Dublin.
1999    Irish Neuroscience Group Meeting, UCG, Galway.
2000    EU 4th Framework Biotechnology Meeting, U.K.
2000    Society for Neuroscience’s 30th Annual Meeting, New Orleans, U.S.A.
2004    The Eighth Institutes of Technology Science and Computing Research Colloquim, W.I.T.
2004    UICC World Conference for Cancer Organisations, Dublin.
2004    SimMan Orientation Course, Cardiac Services, Medex Medical, Dublin.
2005    Real-Time PCR System User Training, AB Applied Biosystems, U.K.
2005    ABI PRISMÔ 310 Genetic Analyser Training, Applied Biosystems, U.K.
2007    15th International Conference on Health Promoting Hospitals, Austria.
2007    Irish Psycho-Oncology Inaugural National Conference, Dublin.
2007    9th World Congress of Psycho-oncology, U.K.
2007    8th Annual Interdisciplinary Research Conference, T.C.D., Dublin.
2007    27th Annual International Nursing & Midwifery Research Conference, RCSI, Dublin.  
2007    Sylvester O Halloran Scientific Meeting, Royal College of Surgeons, Limerick.
2007    MITA Training, WIT.    
2008    MSD Sector Imager Training, W.I.T.

Details of Post-Graduate Research Students Supervised to date:

Louise Murphy         Cancer related Fatigue            2006 to present Ph.D.
Suzanne Denieffe     Cancer related Fatigue            2007 to present Ph.D.
Aidan Toner             Cancer and Cytokine Profiling  2008 to present  M.Sc.

External Research Collaboration

Prof. Arnold Hill, Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin.
Deirdre McGrath, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Queens University Belfast.
Dr. William Scott, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Queens University Belfast.
Prof. Ian Norman, Department of Nursing, Kings College London.
Dr. Emma Ream, Department of Nursing, Kings College London.
Dr. Gordon Watson, Consultant Surgeon, Waterford Regional Hospital.
Ms. Mary Sullivan, Training and Development Manager, Genzyme, Waterford.

Thesis Extern/Supervision Experience

Currently I am involved in the supervision of one M.Sc. student and two Ph.D. students.
Internal research examiner for Dr. Orla Cahill, W.I.T, 2004, Dr. Mark Statham, W.I.T, 2006 and Mr. Thomas Roche, 2008

Research Awards                                    

2004  BEHEST research grant from WIT                 €        5,970
2005  FIRM, Department of Agriculture                    €    172,025
2005  Strand I funding                                            €      34,000
2006  BEHEST Cluster funding                               €      35,000
2007  HEA equipment funding                                €     114,780
2007  Strand III funding                                          €     400,000
2008  HEA infrastructure funding                            €   2,035,000
2008  Strand III funding                                          €     400,000
Total                                                                    €   3,196,775

Teaching Award

2008    WIT Teaching Excellence Award