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Mr TJ McDonald

TJ McDonaldMr TJ McDonald, BSc, MSc

Lecturer in Computing

Education (3rd level)    

1989 - 1993:  Waterford Institute of Technology
1999: Waterford Institute of Technology


1993:  B.Sc. in Applied Computing (Commercial Computing)
1997:  Ceard Teastas sa Gaeilge.
1999:  M.Sc. in Computer Science

Lecturing Experience
  • MSc In Information System Processes: Information Architecture
  • Training for Trainers: Computer Hardware, Information Systems Planning, E- Commerce.
  • BSc in Applied Computing: Year 4: Database Administration, Databases Systems, Management Information Systems and Final Year Projects
  • B. Sc in Information Technology Year 4: Database Systems and Knowledge Management and Projects
  • National Diploma in Information Technology: Year 3: Systems Development and Project Management and Project
  • National Diploma in Commercial Computing Year 3: Software Engineering

Course Development

Developed modules for the following approved courses:

  • M. Sc. In Information System Processes
  • Bachelor of Science in Computing in Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Computing
  • Batchelor of Arts in Information Systems
  • National Certificate in Commercial Computing
  • National Certificate in Computer Applications
  • National Certificate in Legal Studies
  • National Diploma in Information Technology
  • Planning and delivery of multiple modules for Training for Trainers and HESDN programmes
Research Experience
  • Intranet design and development, E- Commerce, Application Frameworks and E-Learning adoption and deployment, Information Systems and Community Informatics                                     
  • Co-Chair of Health Informatics Research Group (HIRG)
  • Investigating ICT adoption by the health care professionals in Ireland

PhD Research

Currently registered in Trinity College Dublin
The Development of a Community Informatics (CI) model to support Local Voluntary Organisations (LVOs) in Ireland.

Post Graduate Supervision Experience
  • Co-Supervised and mentored the following M.Sc in Computing successfully:The development of a Framework for the implementation of an e-commerce initiative. Student graduated 2002.
  • Developing an E-Commerce strategy for an SME. Student graduated 2003.
  • A Framework for the successful deployment of an e-learning initiative for an Object Oriented programming language. Student graduated 2005
  • The Development of an inter-generation e-learning application for a rural community. Student graduated 2005
  • The development of an e-Learning tool for undergraduates to enhance the learning of an object-oriented design methodology. Student graduated 2005
Internal examiner for following M Sc. In Computing
  • The Use of Problem Based Learning Practicums to effectively teach problem solving skills in the Information Systems Development Classroom.2005
  • A Timing Analysis of Automotive Time-Triggered Systems. 2006

External and Professional Links
  • Member of conference committee for International conference on e-Learning (ICEL).
  • Member of Irish Computer Society.
  • Courses attended and topics covered at such courses:
  • Innovating with Information and Communication Technologies:  Social and Organizational Engagement & Transformation The 9th Social Study of ICT workshop at LSE, London, 2009
  • PhD Colloquium for IS researchers, LSE, London, 2009
  • Research Methods in Information Systems, Trinity College Dublin 2008
  • The Habitat of Information: Social and Organizational Consequences of Information Growth The 8th Social Study of ICT workshop (SSIT8) at LSE, London, 2008
  • Information Systems research methods workshop, Henley Management College, UK, September 2008
  • International Technology Education and Development 2007, Valencia Spain
  • ECEL 6th European Conference on e-Learning, Copenhagen Denmark 2007
  • International Conference on E-learning, Canada, University of Montreal, 2006
  • Oracle Development, WIT, 2002.
  • Oracle Administration, WIT, 2001.
  • C.A. course on Managing OpenIngres Databases, WIT, 1999.
  • C.A. course on System Administration for OpenIngres, WIT, 1999.
  • Using UML & Rational Rose, DCU, 1999.
  • Iona course on CORBA and Orbix implementations, WIT, 1998.
  • Irish Computer Society course on Internet development, Dublin, 1998.
  • IS&N seminar on Intelligence in Networks, Italy 1998.