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Construction Industry Research & Knowledge Centre

CIRKA key driver in the development of disciplines in the construction industry is the creation and distribution of knowledge. Research relevant to the Irish construction industry has been limited to date, particularly in relation to people, processes and technology.

The Department of Construction & Civil Engineering at WIT established the CIRK Centre in 2005 and this is the focal point for WIT research activities relevant to stakeholders in the current and future Irish construction industry and the storage of related knowledge. In the current economic crisis situation the need for such research and knowledge is greater than ever. CIRK activities can assist companies in the Irish construction industry to change, develop and improve. CIRK activities are also central to ensuring that the teaching in the Department of Construction & Civil Engineering is ‘research informed’.  

Much of the CIRK research has to date been carried out in partnership with other national/ international education and research organisations. Our strong links with professional organisations and industry have also been utilised in the course of our research work. A significant proportion of our research activities have related to the minor thesis element on our MSc in Construction Project Management (MScCPM) programme.

Research proposals are invited from individuals and organisations that have an interest in improving the Irish construction industry, particularly in relation  to the following four main thematic areas:

Research proposals are invited from individuals and organisations that have an interest in improving the Irish construction industry, particularly in relation:
ICT in the Construction Industry (including The use of current and emerging Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs)  in the construction industry, Building Information Modeling (BIM), E-Learning for construction)
Knowledge Management in the construction industry
Sustainability & Eco-Innovation for construction (including lower carbon and zero carbon in construction, re-enveloping and retro-fitting buildings, smart metering, more sustainable construction products and processes)
Human Resource Management (HRM) in the construction industry


Mr. Ken Thomas
Head of Department of Construction & Civil Engineering
Waterford Institute of Technology
Cork Road

Tel: 051 302028  or Email: [email protected]

CIRK Fulltime Faculty Members

Mr. John Carney, BSc, MBA, MRICS, MSCS
Mr. Antoin Cummins, BSc, MScCPM, MIEI
Mr. Mervin Doyle, BE MPhil CEng MIEI MCIBSE
Mr. Neil van Dokkum, B.SocSc, LLB, LLM
Dr. Brian Graham, BSc, GradDipIT, PhD, MIEI, MCIOB
Mr. Rodger Greene, BSc, BSc (Hons), PGD, MIEI, ICIOB
Ms. Anne-Marie O'Connor, BSc (Hons), MRICS, MSCSI
Mr. Derek Sinnott, BE, MEngSc, MIEI
Mr. Robert Smyth, BSc, MSc, FSCSI, FRICS, FCIOB
Dr. Ken Thomas, BE, MA, PhD, CEng, FIEI, EurIng
Mr. Oliver Tierney, BE, MIStructE
Mr. Colm Tynan, BSc MSc
Dr. John Wall, BE, MSc, MBA, MA, PhD, CEng, FIEI

CIRK Postgraduate Research

Among the key achievements for the 2010/11 year were:
First PhD graduate;
17 MScCPM graduates (including applied research minor theses);
Ongoing active participation in CITA, CIB and Eco-Innovation;
Initial contacts and discussions on joint-research activities with TSSG as well as researchers  in the wider School of Engineering and the School of Science;
Enrollment of a new PhD student and arranging a co-supervisor with  DIT.