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Ethnographic & Human Centred Research Group

This research group focuses on ethnographic research and training, advancing the ethnographic method in Ireland for academic and commercial purposes with the aim of advising and supporting industry, social policy and academic work. The research group aims to be a centre of excellence for ethnography and human centred research in theory and practice.

EHCR @ WIT offers training and consultancy for any size business that seeks to improve its market research abilities. For queries please contact [email protected].

Ethnography places the human at the centre of its research and placing the human at the centre means socially informed policies and culturally relevant products for consumers.  Anthropologists and ethnographers are employed by large multinational corporations as consultants and researchers for this reason, they are tasked with establishing relationships between ‘big data’ and lived experience. Going behind quantitative data industries that value the customer experience (User Experience – UX design & research) seek trained specialists to go to the ‘field’ (‘deep-diving’ in American marketing parlance) to provide interpretative insights based on human behaviours. These specialists, trained in qualitative research methods, seek out the social dimension and cultural contexts of human behaviour in relation to a given subject or product or behaviour.



Dr. James Cuffe

BA, MA, MBS, H.Dip. PhD

Dr. Jill O'Mahony

BA, MA, PhD 

Dr. Tom Boland

BA, MA, PhD 

Dr. Collette Kirwan


Dr. Ray Griffin

BComm, MSc, Phd 

Hazel O'Brien


Ewa Malczuk


Gareth Leech

BA, MPhil

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