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Sustainable Forestry Research

Dr. Matteo: My research interest lies in understanding the functioning and dynamics of ecosystems through the analyses and modelling of the carbon, water and nutrient cycles and of green-house gas fluxes with the aim of defining the best management practices to increase their sustainability, productivity and climate change mitigation capacity.

Dr. Nick McCarthy: Dr. Nick Mc Carthy is the Principle Investigator of the Eco-Innovation Research Centre (EIRC) one of 4 research centres of excellence at WIT. His research area of expertise is in forest protection and silviculture with which he works very closely with the Forest Service, Coillte, UCC, Trinity College Dublin, INRA France and the British Forestry Commission. He has worked over the past 10 years trying to publicise the problems facing Irish forests from invasive pests and diseases and investigating new ways of detecting and identifying these threats early. He is currently an evaluator for EU H2020 projects and also for EU COST Actions.

Gary O’Brien: My current main research interest involves sustainable transport of timber from the forest to the timber industry by means of assigning recommended timber transport routes using GIS and satellite navigation.

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