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The Wales Ireland Network for Innovative Photovoltaic Technologies (WIN-IPT) is an industry-informed initiative, designed to promote the development of innovation and enhance business opportunities for SMEs working in the area of Photovoltaic (PV) technologies. The PV sector is growing rapidly, with annual growth rates exceeding 25% seen in the EU. However, with weak Research and Technical Development Infrastructure bases, the PV market is 1/200th of the EU average in Ireland and 1/20th in Wales. The development of a network of expertise to provide research-informed knowledge, in addition to laboratory and manufacturing support, is required to bring the cross-border PV market into line with EU norms.

WIN-IPT will create an inter-regional (West Wales and South-East Ireland) hub of PV expertise through knowledge transfer between higher education research institutes, industry and local authorities. We will deliver direct R&D assistance and consultancy services to SMEs in the PV sector. Specifically, WIN-IPT will provide direct R&D support to develop:


  • Self-powered wireless sensors for building management and control functions

  • Self-powered lighting and display technologies for building navigation

  •  Low-cost printable photovoltaic device manufacturing processes

  •  Next generation Solar Cell technologies – Organic Photovoltaic (OPV)

In addition the network will monitor the performance of existing PV electricity generators and investigate the potential for further exploitation of solar energy in the cross-border region. WIN-IPT actions will result in a better informed industry, with greater confidence for investing in PV and low carbon technologies.

This 3-year programme (2012 – 2014) has been part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Wales Ireland Programme 2007-13 (http://www.irelandwales.ie).

For further information please please visit WIN-IPT