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The Pharmaceutical and Molecular Biotechnology Research Centre (PMBRC) at WIT and the Department of Chemistry at Bangor University have recently secured funding under the Ireland Wales 2007-2013 INTERREG 4A programme to support a 46-month project to establish a Wales Ireland Network for Scientific Skills.

The WINSS initiative is made up of 3 integral components as follows:

  • An Advanced Training Programme combining industry experience and academic expertise to design and deliver scientific training courses

  • An Innovative Research Programme aimed to enhance scientific skills through laboratory based research

  • Transfer of Knowledge between industry and academia facilitated by dissemination workshops in Ireland and Wales

Project Aims & Objectives

  • Generate cross border economic activity through the creation of a strong applied research base in novel and convergent technologies with applications in the human and animal health sector.

  • Establish a training network to address the skills gaps in the region and increase the number of highly skilled professionals with training in new & emerging technologies.

  • Assess the barriers to advanced scientific skills training and employment of disadvantaged groups.

  • Establish a Wales Ireland Network for Scientific Skills to promote the exchange of ideas and enhance communication between regional stakeholders in the cross border area.

For further information please visit the WINNS website http://www.winss.org