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Microelectronics and Sensors Group

The MSR group researches & develops analogue and mixed signal integrated circuit solutions primarily in the area of analogue signal processing systems and data converter architectures. More recently research activity in the group has concentrated on programmable mixed signal sysems particularly in the area of sensor signal conditioning systems. The group also has some experience in the design of OLED and EPD (eInk) display systems

The main activity of the group is the research and design of custom integrated circuits (ICs). Emphasis is on the solution of real world signal processing problems employing small area, low power and low voltage circuit techniques. The group has significant experience in the areas of data conversion and analogue signal processing.

Group Leader:  Ken Deevy - [email protected]


Mr. Ken Deevy,
Waterford Institute of Technology,
Cork Road,

Phone: +353 51 302060
Email: [email protected]

Microelectronics Fulltime Faculty Members

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