Research in Innovation, Knowledge Transfer and Organisational Networks (RIKON)

Centres And GroupsResearch in Innovation, Knowledge Transfer and Organisational Networks (RIKON)

Research in Innovation, Knowledge Transfer and Organisational Networks (RIKON)


RIKON is a research centre which helps organisations to innovate and grow, by providing access to commercial and academic resources.


RIKON is a WIT research group that utilises academic research into business processes, business models and communications/marketing strategy to devise innovative solutions to real-world problems faced by their clients.

Most of RIKON’s clients are businesses who are struggling to make progress in the market for unknown reasons and the owners/managers are reaching out for third party support to identify both the problems & solutions. Clients are often referred to RIKON through Enterprise Ireland or local enterprise offices and can be small, medium or large organisations.

RIKON is known throughout the industry for their honesty and integrity and repeatedly engage clients in the delivery of process intensive design and project execution.

RIKON’s staff are highly talented individuals whose expertise has been developed over 20 years of delivering complex projects. They all share a common goal of delivering first class cost effective design solutions to all of their clients.

RIKON’s core values

  • Providing uncompromising commitment to Quality, Research and Consultancy

  • Promoting a culture of integrity; professional excellence and teamwork.

  • Attracting and retaining staff who share commitment to delivering results.

  • Maintaining their reputation for repeat business based on mutual trust, respect and success.

  • Realising sustainable, profitable year on year growth.

Contact RIKON

For further information or to contact our independent, multidisciplinary team please  visit  RIKON or contact Vlad Samsinovs and 051 834032.

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