Applying for Funding

For ResearchersApplying for Funding

Applying for Funding

Step-by-Step Guide: Research Proposal to Project

The Research Support Unit has prepared a Step-by-Step guide to support researchers in sourcing funding for their research. It offers advice on  finding a funding source, pre-proposal preparation and submission guidelines. It also includes all forms and procedures necessary to get you on your way. The video below will provide you with an overview of the key points in the process within the Institute.

Read ALL the documentation from the funding agency and create a Criteria Sheet for yourself to ensure compliance with the funding bodies terms & conditions.

 Sample Criteria Sheet

 Research Project Life Cycle



 Budget Guidelines

 Budget Template

 Procurement Policy 2017

 Checklist for purchasing capital equipment

 Researchers - IUA Salary Scales

Ethics Requirements

All WIT researchers, students and staff,  have a personal responsibility for meeting the ethical requirements in the conduct of their research. All researchers should, in the first instance, refer to Chapter 11 of the PG Regulations, seek advice from the supervisor and seek approval from the School or Department authorities for their proposed research activities.

The schedule of Research Ethics Committee Meetings can be found here.

If your research requires ethical approval, please fill in the Application for Ethical Approval form below and return to Suzanne Kiely in the Development Office.

 Application for Ethical Approval of a Research Project

 Research Ethics Policy

 Ethics Policy for the use of WIT Students in Research

 Procedures for Implementation of Code of Conduct for Responsible Practice in Research

 Devolution of Ethical Approval to Departmental Level

WIT Data Protection Policy

Data Protection in the Health Sector

external link Research Grant Application Notification Form


Final Check List

(1)  Completed Application Form:

Ensure that the application is completed and all questions have been answered.

(2)  Authorised Institutional Signature:

Whose signature is required on the application form?  This will normally be Dr. Mark White, Vice President for Research, Innovation & Graduate Studies.

In the case of proposals to Enterprise Ireland, Kathryn Kiely, Industry Services Manager is also authorised to sign. 

Please arrange for signature at least 3 working days in advance.

(3)  Number and Type of Application Form Required:

Check the number of copies of the application form required and the type of application required, i.e. is an electronic version also required by the funding body.

(4)  Transport:

  • How are you getting your proposal to the funding body?

  • Will you need a courier?  If so book courier a day in advance.

  • Are you sending it by post?  If so send it by registered post.

(5)  Submitting Completed Application Form:

All research proposals to external funding bodies must be submitted through the RSU.

When you submit your proposal through the RSU, we will help with all the final administrative procedures, such as collecting necessary signatures, institutional stamp and arranging couriers.