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Commercialising your Research

Commercialisation of Research

As part of the Institute's Research & Knowledge Strategy, the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) was formed to advance the Institute’s key strategic goals by working with researchers to broaden their route to commercialisation. Towards these goals, the Technology Transfer Office assists in identifying Intellectual Property, securing and maintaining Intellectual Property rights where appropriate and facilitating the exploitation of Intellectual Property in a fashion consistent with the Institute’s values and mission.  As a result, WIT has a broad range of commercially focused research in all areas across the Institute from the Pharmaceutical to the ICT sector.

The WIT Technology Transfer Office is funded by Enterprise Ireland and is part of a Technology Transfer consortium, along with Athlone IT, and IT Carlow and led by Maynooth University.

The TTO assists the research community in:

  • Provide training and support on Intellectual Property matters
  • Assist in formulating invention disclosures, and processing Patent Applications
  • Evaluate, in cooperation with other Institute staff and outside experts as appropriate:
    • The commercial potential of Intellectual Property
    • The appropriate form(s) of Intellectual Property protection to be pursued
  • Develop and undertake an appropriate commercialisation strategy for Institute owned Intellectual Property
  • Assist in negotiating those portions of contracts and agreements between the Institute and outside parties concerned with the ownership, protection and exploitation of  Intellectual Property
  • Deal with Intellectual Property issues that may arise in the administration of such agreements or contracts
  • Promoting awareness of and educating the Institute's research community on issues relating to intellectual property protection and technology transfer;

  • Identifying, capturing and protecting intellectual property arising from research activities within all areas in WIT;

  • Developing and executing strategies for the commercialisation of technologies. The successful candidate will be expected to work closely with WIT researchers to identify the commercial application of the invention, determine licensing strategy,

  • Prepare written non-confidential descriptions, and attend conferences, seminars and exhibitions to promote Institute technologies;

  • Negotiating options, licenses, Campus Company and collaborative research agreements;

  • Supporting promoters in the assessment and development of technology and business plans for spin-outs;

  • Developing and implementing policies, procedures and systems ensuring institutional best practice in relation to intellectual property management and technology transfer;

  • Liaising with Enterprise Ireland, patent agents, industries and other external professionals, as necessary, in relation to patents and commercialisation activities

For more information on our work with Industry please click on the For Industry section

WIT Intellectual Property Policy

In Ireland, each Institute of Technology, University and other public research organisation (a "Research Performing Organisation" or "RPO") is required to ensure that it has in place an internal Intellectual Property management system that meets or exceeds the requirements described in (or contemplated by) the 2016 National IP Protocol and that all of its research is carried out in compliance with that system. Where commercially exploitable Intellectual Property arises as a result of any publicly-funded research and development activities undertaken by the RPO, the RPO is further required to ensure, that the opportunity is taken, where possible and appropriate, to Commercialise that Intellectual Property in all possible fields, applications and territories.

Waterford Institute of Technology (the "Institute") has developed this Policy to clarify the role of Intellectual Property in the activities of the Institute. It takes account of the requirements of the 2016 National IP Protocol and draws on guidelines from various research funding agencies in relation to the treatment of Intellectual Property and similar policies from a selection of Higher Education Institutions in Ireland and internationally.

On 24 April 2018, the Governing Body of Waterford Institute of Technology approved the WIT Intellectual Property Policy. This Policy facilitates the Institute as it pursues its strategic commitment to engaging with the region’s economic development and will also support Institute staff in the acquisition of research support from both National and European programmes focussed on enhancing innovation. Feedback and comments on the Intellectual Property Policy will be warmly received. Please contact the Technology Transfer Office on [email protected]

To view the Intellectual Property Policy, you can download it here:

Intellectual Property Policy

Intellectual Property and Patent Training

The Technology Transfer Office provides training on a regular basis to all WIT staff and students in the area of Intellectual Property and Patents. To date we have carried out numerous training session with WIT researchers and PhD students.

The training will give participants:

  •     A general overview of Intellectual Property and Patents

  •     Guidance on searching patent databases

  •     Ability to identify potentially patentable inventions

  •     Explanation of the forms and procedures relating to IP at WIT

  •     An understanding of particular issues pertinent to their research area

Training should take no longer than about 2 hours and can be customised to the various fields of interest.

If you or your group would be interested in receiving this very informative and interactive training please contact us at the Technology Transfer Office

The Technology Transfer Office have developed a Guideline Booklet to assist researchers and external parties on how and when to engage with the TTO on research projects and commercialisation activities. The document is structured into three main sections: 1) Research support activities, 2) Technology Transfer specific activities, 3) Technology Transfer Office activities

TTO Guideline BookletTTO Guideline Booklet


WIT TTO use the KTI template for all agreements, please contact us in the Technology Transfer Office if you need any assistance:

Non Disclosure Agreement

NDA Non Disclosure Agreement - One Way

NDA Non Disclosure Agreement - Two Way

  • If you are entering into discussions with an external party you may need to put an NDA in place. Please contact the TTO to discuss.

  • Also, if there are any special conditions or if you are required to sign a company’s own NDA please contact the TTO so it can be reviewed.

Material Transfer Agreement

MTA Material Transfer Agreement - Outward

MTAMaterial Transfer Agreement - Inward

  • This form is required if you plan to transfer any materials in/out of the Institute.

Invention Disclosure Form 

IDFInvention Disclosure Form

This form needs to be completed if you have an idea/invention which could potentially be commercialised in the future. It must be then submitted to the TTO for filing and discussion of future requirements such as review by a patent agent

IP Assignment Forms

IP AssignmentIP Assignment Form - To be completed by Consultants/Students who work on WIT funded research projects

Internal IP Declaration Form

IP DeclarationInternal IP Declaration and Assignment Form

  • In order for WIT to be in compliance with funding contracts from National/International funding agencies, WIT is required to confirm the following:

    • There is no conflict of interest arising from PI, Research Staff or other involvement in project.

    • There are no prior /pending disclosures to industry, publishers or elsewhere which would jeopardise the exploitation of resulting Foreground IP

    • WIT has full right to ownership of all Foreground IP and that no other person/organisation/company during the duration of the project has potential claim to ownership​

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