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Chartered Accountants Ireland Educational Trust

Funding Programme

Chartered Accountants Ireland Educational Trust

Funding Agency

Chartered Accountants Ireland

Funding Description

The principal objects of the Trust are to further and develop the science of accountancy in all its branches and to promote educational facilities for the teaching of the science and practice of accountancy, auditing, finance and other related subjects.

The Trustees interpret the science of accounting as including audit & assurance, reporting to stakeholders, management information, taxation policy and procedures, governance, risk management, business and professional ethics, and business regulation. It would not normally include the separate sciences of economics, management theory, and business studies.

The policy of the Trustees is to act as a catalyst for activities in the sphere of accountancy education and research and to provide financial assistance where such activities would not otherwise be feasible.

The Trust is particularly interested in collaborative projects between academics and practitioners.

Funding Policy

  1. The Trust welcomes applications from the academic research community both within and outside the island of Ireland. It is particularly interested in applications based on professional, business and/or international collaboration.

  2. Grants cover the direct expenditure attributable to the project (Note: College/University fees are not paid for). Following any decision by the Trust to approve funding, claims for reimbursement should be supported by vouched expenses or other appropriate evidence.

  3. The Trust is not limited to supporting academic research only. It is also available to those in practice or in any other form of activity that promotes the science of accounting and/or accountancy education.

  4. It must be clearly acknowledged in each project that the Trust has supported it. The suggested form of wording to be used in such acknowledgement is:

    This article/report/book is based on research carried out in collaboration with xxxx from xxxx and with financial support from the Chartered Accountants Ireland Educational Trust.

  5. Copies of the research outputs must be made available to the Trust. The Trust reserves the right to publish such outputs on its website or in its journal or any other Chartered Accountants Ireland publication. There is a requirement that among the research outputs from a funded project there should be one submission to the official academic journal of the IAFA, at present entitled the Accounting, Finance and Governance Review (this is a journal funded by the Trust), and a shorter, professionally-focused paper submitted to Accountancy Ireland.

  6. Projects which are unduly delayed may be reassessed by the Trustees. Grant recipients are required to provide written progress updates to the Trustees at least twice per annum (March and August).

  7. Seed funding is available for small projects (typically c.€1K/£1K). If the project is linked to PhD studies, the following must be noted:

    • The name, title, position, institution of the principal supervisor must be provided.
    • The candidate must identify the exact requirements for funding (e.g. transcription costs following conducted interviews), and identify the expected impact of same.
    • The candidate must commit to outputs based on research for which the funding is required, and not the final PhD output.
  8. The Trust has identified broad research themes to stimulate applications for funding and they may come from the following areas:

Research themes
Audit and assurance
Business ethics
Business reporting
Governance: both in business and in other organisational forms
Management accounting and financial management
Methodologies of education and training
Not-for-profit and public sector accounting reporting and regulation: this can include state agencies, charities or credit unions

Two Types of Funding

  • Standard funding (up to €10,000/£10,000)
  • Seed funding (up to €1,000/£1,000)

Examples of projects funded in the past*

Examples of projects Fund amount
Funding type
Integrated Reporting: State of the Art and Challenges Ahead (one-day thought-leadership workshop NUIG/CAI joint event) €1,500 - €3,000 Standard

How do Irish companies use the latitude afford by IAS 36 with regard to Impairment Reversals?

€3,000 - €6000 Standard

New approach to the delivery of Accounting Cases to Large Groups in the Irish Educational Setting

€4,940 Standard

The Independence of Non-Executive Directors in UK Firms

€1,800 Standard

The Implementation of accruals accounting in the Irish public sector: a comparative study of Northern Ireland (NI) and the Republic of Ireland (RoI)

£10,000 Standard

Self-regulation and Prudence in Credit Unions in Northern Ireland

£9,437 Standard

*Seed-funding was introduced in November 2017, so the above list does not include examples of seed-funding projects. 

Once you have determined which type of funding your project qualifies for, download the preferred form.

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