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Investigating the biological effects of space radiation

Funding Programme

Open Research Announcement

Funding Agency

European Space Agency

Funding Description

The European Space Agency invites proposals for its continuously open research announcement investigating the biological effects of space radiation. This enables researchers to conduct research necessary to advance knowledge relevant for human space exploration through ground based experimental studies. ESA has identified five European accelerator facilities suited to provide the beamtime necessary. These are GANIL in France, AGOR KVI-CART in the Netherlands, HIT in Germany, UPTD in Germany and TIFPA in Italy.

Research should address one or more of ESA’s space radiation goals in the fields of biological effects or radiation physics:

  • radiation response under space flight conditions;
  • radiosensitivity and underlying mechanisms;
  • radiation risk assessment;
  • radiation countermeasures;
  • radiation environment;
  • personal dosimetry
  • transport codes;
  • forecast;
  • shielding.

Researchers based in ESA member states participating in the SciSpace programme may apply. Researchers based in other ESA member states may participate as team members. Researchers based at one of the five accelerator facilities are not allowed to submit proposals using their own facility.

Grants are worth up to €50,000. Funding may be used for access costs, consumables, and travel and subsistence costs.

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