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SFI: Conferences and Workshops

Funding Programme

Conferences and Workshops

Funding Agency

Science Foundation Ireland

Funding Description


The purpose of the SFI Conferences and Workshops programme is to facilitate international and national conferences and workshops of strategic value hosted in the Republic of Ireland. These events are essential for the dissemination of research, knowledge exchange, development and exposure of early-career researchers and students, together with development and growth of new and existing collaborations both nationally and internationally. SFI will support conferences and workshops of timely importance in all areas covered by SFI’s legal remit. SFI is keen to support the exchange of information reciprocally between industry and academia, generating new knowledge and leading-edge technologies and encouraging competitive enterprises. SFI Conferences and Workshops Awards fall into three categories: Conferences, Exceptional Conferences and Workshops.

Deadlines – Applications may be submitted at any time during the year subject to the following criteria: submissions must be made at least six months in advance of the event in the case of Exceptional Conferences, and at least four months in advance of the event in the case of Conferences and Workshops.


Call Document


SFI reserves the right to make amendments to the documents if required. Please ensure that you are referring to the most recent version of the Call document and FAQs. Research Offices will be contacted in the event of any updates to the call documentation.

Queries should be directed to [email protected]

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