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US/Ireland R&D Partnership Programme

Funding Programme

US/Ireland R&D Partnership Programme

Funding Agency

Health Research Board

Funding Description

This is a rolling call for proposals in the Health thematic area.

The US-Ireland Research and Development Partnership is a unique initiative involving funding agencies across three jurisdictions: United States of America, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The overall goal of this scheme is to increase the level of collaborative R&D amongst researchers and industry professionals across the three jurisdictions. The collaboration aims to generate valuable discoveries and innovation which are transferable to the marketplace, or will lead to enhancements in health, disease prevention and healthcare. The Partnership achieves its goals through tri-partite research projects in which the funding agencies fund the elements of research undertaken in their own jurisdiction. Importantly, the Partnership must add significant value to each research programme above that achievable by the PI in each jurisdiction working alone, supported only by national funding.

Partners Agencies

The Partners are the bodies in each jurisdiction that have agreed to provide research funding depending on the thematic research area. For health-related applications, these include the following:

  • In the US the partner agency is the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The NIH consists of multiple agencies which offer a number of calls for proposals.
  • In the Republic of Ireland (RoI) the partner agencies are Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and theHealth Research Board (HRB).
  • In Northern Ireland (NI) the partner agencies are theHealth & Social Care R&D Division (HSC R&D).

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