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Resources for Researchers

WIT maintains a large number of supports to assist the research community of the Institute. Listed below are some of the key services on offer, in addition to contact details for the people who can help you with your queries/needs.

Research Professional

WIT is a subscriber to the Research Professional funding opportunity database. A research funding database catalogues funding opportunities from a large range of funding agencies and provides a powerful search interface, enabling Researchers to quickly and effectively discover calls for proposals in their chosen area. Research Professional has an extensive range of features, is very easy to use, and maintains a wide-ranging database of funding opportunities, covering all UK and Irish funding agencies in addition to a range of EU and global agencies too. This service is maintained for the research community of the Institute. Access to the service from within the WIT network is unfettered without the need to login. However, to access the service offsite and more importantly, to enjoy the full range of features on offer, you will need to sign up for an account. Signing up is easy to do; you just need your WIT e-mail address and a few details. If you have any questions regarding Research Professional, Jonathan Brazil in the Research Support Unit is the point of contact for such queries and he will be happy to assist you. The video below shows how simple it is to start searching for funding opportunities with Research Professional.

More information and a quick start guide for Research Professional can be downloaded here PDF document.

Researchers holding an official WIT e-mail address can sign up for a free personalised account with Research Professional where they can create and save their own personlised searches and manage alerts for funding opportunities of specific interest to them. If you have not yet signed up for an account, it is easy and straightforward to do so. Please see the video below for quick instructions to complete this step.

Epigeum Research Integrity Training

Summer 2018 saw the arrival of Research Integrity training for all staff and students involved in research within the Institute. Training is provided by way of an online course offered by Epigeum; promoting the responsible conduct of research in the research community. The Institute has gained access to this service through the Technological Higher Education Association (THEA) who are running a national pilot scheme to provide such services to all institutes across the sector. The Epigeum course includes a robust certification framework based on the key learner outcomes. The assessment is delivered using randomly selected questions to ensure learners can demonstrate knowledge across the breadth of the course before being awarded a certificate of course completion. All active researchers in the Institute are requested to undertake this training. If you are interested in undergoing the training programme please contact the Research Integrity Officer (Dr Michelle Foley) who will be able to assist you with access to the online course.


WIT has been an institutional member of Vitae for many years now. All members of the research community in possession of a WIT e-mail address can sign up to Vitae for free and gain access to a vast array of training materials. In addition to the digital materials available for download, Vitae host numerous online "Hangouts" each year, enabling Researchers to engage with experts and ask questions in open forum. Some of these online gatherings and interactions are in the form of Twitter Chats that enable an informal way of immersing oneself in the research community who may have shared interests and questions about their career development or that of their students.

While many of the training materials offered by Vitae provide advice and guidance for Researchers with respect to their own professional development and the pursuit of careers outside of academia, the organisation also provides numerous assets for those responsible for supervising Early-stage Researchers. These additional resources are an excellent foundation for adding structure to research supervision while giving the benefit of professionally designed content and documentation. The video below is a useful overview of the Vitae offering.

Being part of Vitae gives you and your organisation access to quality resources tailored to researchers. Connect with other members to share ideas and practice. Strengthen your institutional provision. Influence strategy and navigate policy.


Research News Newsletter

The Research Support Unit circulates its periodical "Research News" newsletter by e-mail throughout the year. This newsletter highlights the recent achievements by our Researchers, creates awareness of upcoming funding calls, research events, and training opportunities, both internally coordinated and those offered by external providers. It provides Researchers with a platform to promote their successes and the wider community with a window to see our research outputs.

Researchers are encouraged to make the Office aware of their achievements so that the appropriate level of promotion can be achieved between newsletter, news feature on the website, or wider coverage in the media from local to national depending on the nature of the success. If you have recently had some research success in the form of funding, commercialisation of ideas, a publication of a paper/book, or other research-related activity, please do get in touch and we will be sure to promote your achievement. If you would like something to feature in the Research News, contact us at [email protected] and we will work with you to create the appropriate showcase.


The social media platform of choice for the Research Support Unit (RSU) is Twitter (@WIT_Research). The RSU is very active, promoting funding opportunities, events, and research achievements applicable to the Institute; using the platform to reach its 2,500+ followers and their extended reach.

Using this network of promotion yields in the region of 300,000 impressions of Tweets sent from the RSU account each year. Working with the WIT Marketing Department the RSU can help to create social media campaigns surrounding significant events related to the research community. If you would like help promoting an event or another aspect of your research, please get in touch and we can help schedule Tweets to advertise your item.


If there are any other services that you are curious about and/or would like to get in touch to discover how we can help you, please contact the Research Support Unit for more information.