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Broaden Your Horizons

Researcher Development @WIT

The Broaden Your Horizons Researcher Development Programme download PDF aims to:

  • Support all Researchers, at all stages of their careers in their personal, professional and career development.
  • Empower Researchers to take responsibility for and be proactive in engaging with their own professional development.
  • Promote an awareness of the skills, knowledge and qualities needed to produce both high quality and impactful research, and to be an effective Researcher through provision that is inclusive, flexible and responsive to Researchers’ needs.
  • Enhance inter-disciplinary collaboration and support.
  • Expand WIT’s Research Community.

The BYH brochure details the current range of provision for you to take advantage of during your time at WIT. You will find an overview of courses and events specifically designed for career Researchers. There are four central Skills Development Categories including Research Environment, Career Development, Knowledge & Expertise and Personal Skills & Effectiveness. Each category contains a range of programme topics which will be offered at various times throughout the year. The main mode of delivery is face-to-face through interactive workshops. Based on the skills and experience that National and International funders expect you to develop during the course of your research career, the programme is delivered collaboratively by internal and external specialists, offering a tailored suite of workshops, courses, events and resources. The programme complements the technical and discipline-specific training that you will receive at a local level, focussing on wider transferable skills. We leave it up to you to decide which courses you will choose to attend, depending on your own individual needs, interests and particular career juncture.

Expand your horizons beyond – there are no limits

We recommend you start by having a discussion about your training and professional development requirements with your Supervisor, Principal Investigator, or Line Manager at least a couple of times each year. Talk to your peers and colleagues, ask them what training have they found particularly valuable and worthwhile, actively engage with the Broaden Your Horizons Programme and the broader Institutional Continued Professional Development programme. Ensure you make the time to invest in you and your future!