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Researcher Support Events @WIT

Research Postgraduate Induction 

This event is held twice annually at which new research postgraduate students are introduced to WIT's research regulations, research finances and information/library resources. The aim of induction is to give you an overview of the research postgraduate process in WIT and an understanding of the principles and applications of ethics and health and safety issues. Topics Include:

  • Research Ethos: What does a Postgraduate Research Degree involve?
  • Introduction to Research Plans and Professional Development Plans.
  • Introduction to Ethics in Research.
  • Postgraduate Research Regulations.
  • Research Postgraduate Student Supports and Resources.
  • Generic and Transferable Skills.
  • Research Project Support – Funding, Finance etc.
  • Student Support Services at WIT - Library and Computer Services.
  • HRS4R
  • Research Integrity.

Postgraduate Induction


Research Open Doors

Have you ever been curious about the research carried out at WIT and what relevance it has to you? A vast array of activities take place every day in WIT's research hives but we often fail to know what it is our colleagues are doing or what discoveries they have made. A planned series of informal events, Research Open Doors is providing a unique opportunity to gain insight into various Research Groups and Centres across the Institute. This initiative provides all members of WIT’s community a chance to learn more about the key areas of research ongoing across the Institute. Research Open Doors has two aspects:

  1. Behind Closed Doors: Key Researchers introduce a few familiar faces and their perhaps, lesser known activities; how they make the research work and the exciting developments that they have been involved in.
  2. Life’s journey as a Researcher: Candid overviews of individual Researchers career paths – what brought them to this point and why they do what they do.

Research Open Doors

These sessions provide a rare chance for colleagues to meet and learn more about research over a light lunch. The events include guided tours of the various research spaces. Everyone is welcome. Ask questions. Get answers. Discover and learn.


Just Come and Write Sessions

Just Come & Write sessions provide you with dedicated space in which to make uninterrupted progress on your writing commitments. Researchers can work on any piece of writing, from articles; papers; grant applications to blog posts. No formal training is provided, just peace and quiet, the opportunity to focus, and plenty of space. The First Friday of every month, the Special Collections Room in the Luke Wadding Library, Cork Road Campus and the Arclabs Boardroom, Carraganore Campus is available from 1.30pm-4.30pm for Researchers just like you, wanting to do just that, we provide the room and you navigate your own research commitments.

Come Write Sessions


SpeedResearch: Researcher Networking

SpeedResearch is a networking event specifically for Researchers. It is a structured opportunity to meet Researchers just like you, face-to-face, one Researcher at a time. In an attempt to overcome the challenge of forming research relationships, this event brings together Researchers from right across the Institute. Finding new research partners can be a challenge, meeting Researchers from other disciplines can spark a new research idea or open the door to a solution to a problem that has seemed intractable. It’s a low key, quick-fire and sociable approach to Networking. The main goal is to find a Research match. Researchers have 3 minutes to quickly introduce themselves to one another and state their primary research interest and need. This event is aimed to be kind of fun; kind of light and kind of let’s take it further if we need to.

Speed Research - networking event


Supervisors Seminar Series: Lunchtime Masterclasses

Supervisors seminars are aimed primarily at MSc and PhD supervisors as part of an informal approach to engaging WIT supervisors, networking supervisors across the schools and providing a forum where participants can ask experienced experts (and each other) questions about student supervision and take some tips away for the future. The focus is on improving the quality of supervision for students and empowering supervisors across the institute. All Masterclasses in the series are delivered by external experts and will be expanded throughout the year.

Lunchtime Masterclasses