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The ODYSSEY Initiative

Researcher Mentoring @WIT

The ODYSSEY Researcher Mentoring Initiative (The ODYSSEY) has been developed as part of Waterford Institute of Technology's Human Resource Strategy for Researchers "Broaden Your Horizons" researcher development programme. This dynamic initiative aims to facilitate professional development for Researchers. The ODYSSEY will enable Early Career Researchers (Mentees) to receive encouragement, support, guidance, specific skills and knowledge from more experienced Researchers (Mentors) that will enhance the Mentees career and personal growth during their research journey at WIT. We aim to cultivate a supportive Researcher Mentoring network through which Mentees can learn by example, receive encouragement, support and advice and access the necessary knowledge, skills and resources to advance their careers and achieve their career aspirations and potential.

Mentoring is widely recognised as one of the most effective ways of enhancing the development of staff, helping to overcome obstacles to career progression and enabling them to achieve their goals. It is the fastest growing and most proven method of professional development in working environments today.

The ODYSSEY is open to all Researchers across the Institute and primarily aims to:

1. Share knowledge and expertise

2. Increase inter/cross-disciplinary networking and engagement

3. Promote the professional development of Researchers

4. Make a positive difference to the research community and the Institute.

Joining The ODYSSEY

An internal annual call invites all Mentors and Mentees to sign up to an ODYSSEY Mentoring workshop, delivered by an external Mentoring expert. The workshop will be an opportunity for participants to explore what mentoring involves, ask questions about the initiative and to establish realistic expectations for the Mentor/Mentee partnership. Participants will also be encouraged to think about drawing up guidelines to promote a successful partnership and to consider what they expect from their first meeting, amongst other preparations. Mentees in particular can prepare for the mentoring partnership by identifying areas in which they would like support and considering what issues they would like to raise with their Mentor at their first meeting.

Download the ODYSSEY Researcher Mentoring Guidebook download PDF