businessAwards, Scholarships and Prizes

Awards, Scholarships and Prizes

The School of Business runs and  Annual Recognition of Awards Ceremony which recognises continuing students with outstanding academic achievement in their previous year. The awards are called by the Progamme and Year Leaders and presented by the Head of School, Dr. Thomas O’Toole. Recognition of student effort and excellence is something the School of Business continually does. These top performing students can influence others to achieve their potential as peer role models, and the recognition represents a mark of excellence to be included in recipient’s curriculum vitae.

Dean’s Awards

Criteria for 2014 and subsequent years

Choosing recipients

“Graduate of the Year” to be Level 8 graduate with highest marks in the School of Business.
The Rowe Medal to be awarded to the continuing undergraduate with the highest marks over 60 credits in the School of Business in the relevant academic year.

Recipients of Dean’s Awards

  • There are approximately 22 class group eligible for the awards. The top two students in each class to be given the award unless
    • The class has fewer than 20 students (Classes between 10-20 students have one guaranteed award winner subject to the other criterion).
    • The best/second best average mark in the class is below 70% (i.e. no student with an average mark below 70% will receive an award).
  • The next 30 best students on undergraduate programmes in the School of Business on the basis of the average mark over 60 credits to receive the award subject to a “floor” of 70%.
  • The consequence of this is that the top 5% approximately of the students in the School of Business would be on the Dean’s List in any given year.

 N.B.  Any student accepting an exemption in any module (for whatever reason) will, for the purposes only of these awards, have their overall grade calculated on the assumption that they obtained a mark of 40% in the module for which s/he gained the exemption.


The School has two major undergraduate scholarships. 

John Hume Combined Credit Union Scholarship

The John Hume Combined Credit Union Scholarship is presented to the best applicant from a first year business programme in the School.  The award is named after John Hume, Nobel Peace Laureate, who launched it.  The Scholarship raises the profile of the relationship between business and the community and the relationship between the School and the credit union movement. The Scholarship recipient holds it for his/her period of study.


Another major undergraduate scholarship is in accountancy and made by PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the School’s long term partners.  It is awarded to the best student in the first year of the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Accounting.  It lasts for the duration of the student’s studies.  

At graduate level, the School had the following Scholarships in 2012:

Sam McCauley Scholars, 2 Scholarships

State Street Bank Scholars, 2 Scholarships

Combined Waterford Credit Unions Scholarship

AIB Centre for Finance and Business Research Scholars in Accounting and Finance

The Craig Dobbin Memorial Scholarship

The Craig Dobbin Memorial Scholarship rotates in alternate years between business graduates from Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada, and Waterford Institute of Technology. Ancestors of the late Canadian business leader Dr Craig Dobbin came from Waterford and at least three of them were Mayors in medieval times. Dr Dobbin’s family are part-funding the scholarship programme as a way of recalling the philanthropist’s affinity with Ireland and passion for Newfoundland & Labrador.


The School aligns itself with many professional organisations and bodies who also present prizes to outstanding undergraduate students.  These include:

  • Centre for Marketing Studies Prize
  • Certified Public Accountants in Ireland (CPA) Financial Accounting Prize
  • Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) Management Accounting Prize

2017 John Hume Scholarship applications

Worth €1,000 a year, the John Hume Combined Credit Union Scholarship is presented to the best applicant from a first year business programme in the School of Business. It is open to first year undergraduate business students. Applicants, or his/her parent/guardian must be a member of one the following credit unions on or before 2 December, 2016. Lisduggan Credit Union, St Dominic Credit Union and Waterford Credit Union. 

John Hume MEP, Nobel Peace Laureate, lent his name to the John Hume Scholarship.

Get your form from the School of Business Office, Room D22 and submit by April 24th .