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If you are interested in the Work Placement programme please complete the

Employer Response Form or contact us directly for more details.

The Work Placement Office is responsible for work placement programmes for undergraduates in the School of Business, and places over 100 students annually with employers in Ireland and abroad.

Students – why undertake a work placement?

It is a major opportunity to put your academic knowledge into practice in the "real world of work" and develop new professional and business skills.  It also improves students' prospects of future employment and helps students decide on their career path.

Employers - why take a student?

It is a chance to gain access to high calibre, eager, and ambitious undergraduates with different specialisations: Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources, Economics and Finance, Retail and Management.   Work Placement is also an opportunity to develop and sustain strong links between your business and Higher Education.

The WIT Work Placement office also works closely with our Careers Centre.  For Graduate recruitment please contact the Careers centre directly.

 Work Placement – A best practice guide for students

Work Placement – A best practice guide for employers

It is important that students' skills and competencies meet employer requirements so employers select students for interview, and the employers interview and decide who to offer a work placement to.  We facilitate the process through matching student CVs with employer specifications and setting up interviews.

Where a work placement is for less than the minimum wage, we will advertise the placement to students before submitting CVs  (reduced rate placements are unlikely to yield interest from students until later in the process). We also communicate work placement offers to students and remain a point of contact throughout the placement period.   A student must accept the first placement they are offered.

Work Placement Process:

During work placement, the performance of the students is monitored and appraised both by the employer and the School of Business mentors. Each student is assigned a WIT mentor, a senior lecturer or a member of the work placement team, and the employer would usually appoint a work supervisor. On successful completion of their work placements, students return to WIT to finish their degree.

The duration of the work placement is subject to mutual agreement between the employer and the student, but must equate to a minimum of 15 weeks of full time employment.  The maximum duration is dependent on the start dates of students' next semester, but could be up to 8 months. Many organisations pay students the minimum wage, although some companies offer a training wage and some employers cover expenses.

 Bachelor of Business Studies (Hons)

This is a four year honours business degree course with five streams in the last two years which enables students to follow a slightly more specialised direction.  These streams are: Accounting, Economics and Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, and Management. Some students elect to study French,  German or Irish as part of the course.   There are usually about 100 students on the work placement programme from this course each year.

Work Placement for the BBS (H)  is for a period of at least 15 weeks (up to a maximum of 8 months) and takes place during year 3 in the period from January to August.

BA (Honours) in Marketing in with Advertising & Online Media

This is a full-time four year honours degree course which prepares students for employment in marketing.  The first two years consist of general marketing and business subjects after which the students study specific marketing and business subjects including Strategic Marketing Management, Advertising Strategy, Strategic Brand Management, Global Strategic Marketing, Services Marketing Practice, Digital Marketing, Marketing Research among others, together with a range of elective subjects.  Full details of the subjects and electives by semester can be access by clicking on the course link above.  This course is limited to 30 places.

Work Placement for the BA in Marketing is for period of at least 15 weeks (up to a maximum of 6 months) and takes place duting year 4 in the period from June to December.

For further information, please contact

Joan Mangan or Joe J. Daly
Phone: 051 306153
Email:  [email protected]

BSc  in Retail Management 

The BSc in Retail Management is a full-time three year degree programme, combining class-based training with practical assignments.  Throughout the programme, students study general business theory and practice along with key areas relating to retail management, specifically: Retail Marketing, Brand and Category Management, International Retailing and Sales and Merchandising.

The Work Placement option in semester 5 allows the student to gain real experience working in a retail environment.  Each student will be required to keep a log of his or her work-related experience and produce an applied research project as part of this placement.

For further information on retail placements only please the course leader

Fiona Fleming
Phone: 051 845618
Email: [email protected]

The School of Business work placement students starred in a video to highlight the benefits and rewards students get from choosing work placement as part of their flexible semester.

Students who worked in Kerry Group, Datapac, Bosch and Lomb, ESB and nearForm Ltd. participated in the student work placement video which is titled ‘Real Work for Students’ to give an insight to their experiences.


Work placement is an integral part of the WIT business student experience. Hear what some of our Employers have to say about WIT School of Business Students.

Some of our Employers participated in video which is titled ‘Work Placement - A Win-Win for Employers’ into give an insight to the benefits, rewards and their experiences taking on a work placement student.

A big thank you to Kerry Group, Datapac, Bosch and Lomb and ESB for their participation in the video.

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Flexible Semester Office  (D18)

School of Business

Waterford Institute of Technology
Cork Road, Waterford.

Tel: +353 51 306153>
Email: [email protected]

Joseph J Daly: Director of Work Placement

Tel: +353 51 834 086
Email: [email protected]

Fiona Travers: Work Placement Administrator

Tel: +353 51 306 153
Email: [email protected]

Sarah Flynn: Work Placement Administrator

Tel: +353 51 306 718
Email: [email protected]

For Business Studies placements:

Interviews: End of September 2013 – 10th January 2014

Placement: January 2014 onwards

WIT Mentor contacts student and their work supervisor: February 2014

Mentor visits student and their supervisor at place of work: March – May 2014

Final day for handling in signed Log Book and Placement Engagement Reflection (PER): Mid August