One of the most challenging ways to study is to travel your own path and do a research degree at master or PhD level.  To do this you must have, at least, an honours primary degree.  Generally, to study at this level requires that you like doing independent study and have demonstrated, at some stage in your academic or professional career, an ability to write critically at an advanced level.  A research degree is an enjoyable journey but one that favours students who are committed to a two year journey in the case of a master or to a three-to-four year journey for a PhD.  The PhD degree will take longer for a part-time student but they are welcomed in the School.  Institute-wide regulations and application procedures are provided in the research section of this website and we complement this by providing some practical tips and insights for School of Business research students.

The School provides opportunities to study for research degrees in all of its major disciplines.  So for example if you were interested in how firms grow and develop you may be engaged by our research on enterprise development, regional economy, leadership capability, knowledge sharing and transfer, and innovation.  If you were interested in how firms finance and govern their affairs you could be inspired by our research in behavioural finance and capital markets, small firm finance, governance and corporate responsibility, and personal finance. A final example of the same question can be applied to marketing where we have specialisms in branding, service innovation, strategic marketing, and business-to-business marketing. 

More information on our research can be found in the research centres section of the research part of this site.  We provide ample avenues for you to do a research degree and have a strong track record in supporting students through their research journey.