businessSchool Mission

School Mission

School of Business Mission Statement

The Mission of the WIT School of Business is to develop thinking professionals to the highest international standards. Our aim is to prepare students for successful careers in business, the professions, public service and society. This is achieved through a suite of innovative and challenging programmes that are delivered in a personalised learning environment. Our intention is to continuously evolve and respond to our changing environment by offering accessible, flexible and relevant courses to all.

To support this mission, WIT School of Business is committed to the ongoing development of faculty and staff through scholarship and other professional development. Our activities enrich the commercial, economic, educational and social environment of the region and beyond. We embody the core values of personal integrity, social responsibility and ethical behaviour; these values are reflected in both our teaching and our actions.

 Implications of Mission Statement/ Our Values

1: Learning Environment/Pedagogy

A core feature of the WIT School of Business learning experience is the personal nature of the interaction between staff and students. We view education as a collaboration of equals and place significant emphasis on developing and maintaining a learning community. Education is a life-long activity and we want all learners (no matter what life stage they are at) to feel at ease in the WIT School of Business learning environment. We actively encourage the questioning mind and partner our students on the voyage towards enlightenment and discovery. Small class sizes and a supportive culture are important elements of the WIT School of Business’s approach to learning.

2: Personal and Professional Development -Students

We aim to provide students with the prerequisite skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to assume roles as professionals in the modern business environment. By examining how leaders think and act, we expose students to an in-depth education beyond the traditional frameworks and theories. We consider the personal and professional development of the graduate as central to the teaching and learning philosophy of our programmes.

3: Personal and Professional Development - Staff

The intellectual capital of the school is central to its future development and expansion. Appropriately qualified faculty is integral to the operation of the mission articulated above. The mission requires faculty who can teach from both a theoretical and practical perspective, and who have skills in both pedagogy and research. This commitment requires an investment in the ongoing development of faculty. The school encourages all forms of personal development as this adds to the diversity of our human resources portfolio.

4: Programmes

The WIT School of Business offers a wide range of programmes that are both challenging and relevant. These programmes are offered in flexible formats recognising the needs of non-traditional students and the changing circumstances of our traditional student. Furthermore, we are committed to ensuring that all of our programmes are developed in collaboration with our industry partners. This guarantees that our programmes are continuously responsive to ongoing in the business world while encompassing the benefits of a generalised education.

5: Quality

Quality is implicit in everything that we do. Quality is interpreted in the widest sense; we aim to have quality graduates on quality programmes thought by quality staff and supported through quality processes.

6: Principles

The WIT School of Business values integrity, social responsibility and ethical behaviour. This includes academic integrity on the part of both students and staff. With regard to our values, our guiding principle is ‘to practice what we preach’. Thus our values are inherent in our programmes, our delivery and our learning styles as well as being reflected in our own actions both on a faculty-to-student basis and on a faculty-to-faculty basis.

7: Accessibility

A core principle of the WIT School of Business is accessibility. The School of Business exists as part of a wider community. We aim to serve all of that community irrespective of ability, age and background. Our programmes are developed to encourage students into education instead of acting as a barrier. The delivery of programmes is designed to be flexible to take into account the personal circumstances of individual learners.

8: Passion and Commitment

We are passionate with everything that we do. Enthusiasm, passion and commitment are important attributes that we want to encourage in our students. If we are passionate in our role as educators then this will be reciprocated in passionate learners.