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Student Life

The student life at WIT is a vibrant one. To capture some of this life and some of the services we offer please connect to the current or future student sections of our web site on our main page.

As a business student you have many skills and abilities which you can turn to good use by being involved in a club or society.  Team work, leadership, and personal development opportunities abound when you get involved.  It is also good for your curriculum vitae and valued by employers.

WIT provides many services to help you study better, achieve your goals, and remain healthy and well while at college.  For example, our career service provides mentoring, pathways to interviews, and employer contacts that can aid you in your job search.  Our library can connect you to a higher world of learning through its information access services.

If you are doing a business degree and have accumulated knowledge and skills you may wish to give some of your time and ability to community organisations in your local area, in Waterford city, or in developing nations.  We urge you not to forget being part of something larger and being an active citizen of Ireland.  The School has a partnership with Junior Achievement Ireland and you can participate and give back to the next generation by delivering one of its programmes in a School near you.  Full training and materials are provided by Junior Achievement Ireland.