Welcome from the Head of School (Dean)

businessWelcome from the Head of School (Dean)

Welcome from the Head of School (Dean)

Welcome to the WIT School of Business, a community of over 85 faculty members and almost 1,500 students engaged in many different activities but focused on just one goal - academic excellence for the real world.

If you are interested in joining us to pursue your studies we have many unique programmes and great relationships with employers.  Our core focus is our helping our students develop their potential and encouraging them to reach further and aim higher on our career-centred programmes.

Over the last 40 years the School has earned its reputation through teaching excellence, the delivery of innovative values-led programmes and, ultimately, through the recognition earned by our alumni in almost every walk of life.

At the heart of the dynamic and exciting South-East region of Ireland, the School is a unique learning community, attracting outstanding students nationally and internationally. While we like to think our students are attracted to our ethos of education through interaction with our staff, small class sizes, and diversity of learning methods, it may also be the special quality of life that our students enjoy.

Our School is part of a vibrant campus with significant residential population in the ancient and cosmopolitan city of Waterford with the great outdoors of mountains and sea lying just beyond the edge of the city.

Thank you for your interest.


Dr. Thomas O'Toole, B. Comm., MBS, PhD, FMII, FIAM.

Head of School (Dean)

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