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LDC Student Information

Please click on the tabs below for information on how to apply, our fees policy, the timetables for our programmes and student handbooks. All of these documents can be downloaded in pdf format by clicking on the individual link and saving the document to your computer. 

Please click here for the application form for each of our programmes. If you would like us to send you an application form, please contact our Project Administrator, Janet Syms at [email protected] / +353 (0)51-302689 

For full information on the cost of programmes and our fees procedure please click on the link below for a pdf copy of it.  All applicants and students should make themselves aware of this. A brief overview of some elements of it are outlined below, full information in the booklet.

Is there any assistance available?
The LDC is happy to currently offers two assistance schemes for students:

1.    Professional Development Subsidy - which is available to those who are working in the adult literacy service. Students will need to submit a form  signed by their manager (AEO/ALO) confirming same. Form is available from our website

2.    Bursary for those in receipt of Dept of Social Protection (DSP) payments – available for people in receipt of certain payments to the value of 25% of programme costs (approx.). Students will need to provide evidence of receipt of DSP payment and this may be checked with DSP directly.  Please see the LDC Fees Guide for full information.

How to pay?

Student payments- for self-financing students payments can be made by credit/debit card or cheque/bank draft/postal order made payable to WIT. We unfortunately cannot accept cash payments. Please contact the Project Administrator directly at [email protected] / +353 (0)51 302689 to make payment.

Sponsor payments- the LDC is happy to accept payment from a sponsor organisation where the sponsor is paying fees on behalf of a student.  Please Note: the receipt will be issued to the payee i.e the sponsor organisation.

Flexible payment options –  50/50 Instalment Payment Plan – this is available if students have difficulty in paying full fees on application. 50% can be paid on application with the final 50% to be paid before starting the next semester.

De-registration and Refunds
Where students no longer wish to, or are not in a position to continue on their course they need to de-register from the Institute. De-registering means that a student officially notifies the Institute that they are leaving their programme. Students remain liable for fees up to the date they officially withdraw from the Institute. In order to de-register from the Institute there is a Deregistration form which a student must complete which is available from our website or the LDC office.

Deferral means that a student applies to defer or postpone his/her programme or an element of it. Ordinarily students are liable for fees, however, where there are mitigating circumstances fees may be carried over.

Mitigating circumstances include:

  • Serious medical condition or injury;
  • Bereavement of close family members such as parents or siblings or guardians;
  • A traumatic experience which could include but is not limited to:
    a) Personal involvement in or witnessing of a serious accident or crime 
    b) A serious crime committed against the person.


In order to apply for such deferrals student must complete the relevant applications forms within the prescribed time period and supply the required evidence which is available from our website or the LDC office.

Please click on the images below for a pdf copy of the timetable for each of our programmes. Please note that timetables are correct at the time of upload/publication, will be subject to change and will only run with a minimum number of applicants. The finalised timetable will be given to all students and fully confirmed on commencement of your programme.


New 2019-2020 time tables to follow

Please click below for a pdf copy of the Student Handbook for each of our programmes.  If you have any queries on them please contact the course leader for the programme in question:

L6 Higher Cert Programmes: Eilish Dunworth E-mail: [email protected] / Tel: +353 (0)86 3137370

L7 & L8 BA Programmes: Ann Marie Cullen E-mail: [email protected] / Tel: +353 (0)51 302874



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