educationSchool Overview

School Overview

About the School

The School of Education and Lifelong Learning is the newest School in WIT and was established in 2004. The School is home to two academic departments (Education and Lifelong Learning), the Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning and the Literacy Development Centre, the national centre for professional development for practitioners working in adult literacy.

The School is responsible for leading the development of flexible, part-time and technology enhanced programmes across the Institute specifically targeted at adult learners. The Education faculty in the School is responsible for the design and development of programmes for educators, research into the field of education and engagement with education partners at a regional, national and international level.

School Vision & Mission

The vision of the School is to lead in the field of innovative, flexible, research-informed, learning opportunities for adult learners.


The Mission of the School is to design and deliver a wide range of programmes for adults returning to learning for personal and professional development. These programmes are informed by our research in the fields of study and our values of equality of access and inclusivity. We aspire to be thought leaders in our work in the School and our work is informed by our research, our engagement with internal and external stakeholders and the emergent national policy and strategy position.

Given the origins of the School of Education and Lifelong Learning  are in adult education, a respect for adult learners is an integral part of the ethos of the School. The School vision is to be a recognised thought leader in the provision of learner centred Programmes that are research informed, innovative, flexible and relevant. The values of the School are underpinned by;

  • A respect for the learner,

  • Valuing and recognising prior learning in multiple contexts,

  • Equality, inclusion and social justice and

  • Enhancing the personal and professional development of all students. The School’s overarching value is to respect learners, recognise their life and work experience and draw from this experience within a student-centred and participatory learning environment.