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Centre for Technology-Enhanced Learning


A dedicated presence responsible for leading the innovative integration of Technology-Enhanced Learning was first established in the School in 2006 and has since evolved into the Centre for Technology-Enhanced Learning (CTEL).  Teaching versus learning, integrated with technology, are key concepts in the debate on emerging approaches to facilitating learning in contemporary higher education. 

Educators face significant challenges in ensuring that learning and teaching are at the leading edge and relevant to contemporary higher education.  WIT has a positive history in the innovative application of technology to enhance and transform the learning and teaching experience of all staff and students in the Institute.

The Centre provides leadership in the ongoing development of WIT’s vision for Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL), including developing, implementing and evolving institute policy, guidance and recommendations in line with the strategic objectives of the Institute.  CTEL is positioned as a strategic enabler for WIT in continuing to evolve the underlying strategy for curriculum delivery and has played a significant role in empowering students and staff in augmenting their ability to seamlessly integrate technology to enhance, evolve and transform learning and Programme delivery. 

The core objectives of CTEL are aligned, informed, and distilled from the current priorities identified in the WIT strategy, various national and international policy documents, reports, research and TEL strategies.  In keeping with the mission of the School of Lifelong Learning and Education, CTEL has provided strategic leadership in the development of an engaged community of TEL practitioners passionate about Learning and Teaching. 

Members of CTEL are active in several national bodies related to Learning and Teaching: former member of the Board of the National Digital Learning Resources (NDLR); Deputy Chair of the Irish Learning Technology Association (ILTA); and WIT designated associate for the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning.

The Centre for Technology-Enhanced Learning is responsible for the supporting the development and utilization of the WIT eLearning infrastructure.

The team is primarily focused with providing support and training for staff and students in their eLearning practices in WIT mainly through the use of the Virtual Learning Environment, namely Moodle.  Organizationally, the centre is located within the School of Lifelong Learning & Education.

Where to find us

Our offices are based in the Flexible Teaching Building on the main WIT campus. Call to our Technology-Enhanced Learning help desk — located in the Flexible Teaching Building — where our staff are here to help you with your queries.

What we do

You should contact the team for all queries relating to:
 Training & support in using the WIT Virtual Learning Environment, namely Moodle

  • Information & advice on how to use eLearning tools and technologies, including Moodle in particular teaching scenarios

  • Any & all suggestions as to the future development of eLearning within the college

Contact Details: 

Flexible Teaching Building,
WIT Main Campus,
051 834114
[email protected]