Choosing a Course

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Choosing a Course

Learning part-time at WIT can be a wonderful opportunity to develop your skills, progress your
career and broaden your horizons and to have fun and meet new people while doing so.

Whatever your reasons for considering a part-time course it will take effort and commitment to
complete the course. Therefore it’s well worth your while to find out as much as possible about
the course, and whether its is a good match for you, before you start.

Find out more about:
• What subjects exactly make up the course?
• What do those subject titles actually mean and what type of material is involved?
• Are there any academic entry requirements?
• How are the subjects examined or assessed?
• How is the course delivered? How many hours are involved?
• How much does it cost?
• Is it all lectures or are there labs or workshops as well?

The following are some of the sources of information available to help you to decide:

Course Descriptions & Web Research

The course descriptions in the part-time prospectus gives a great deal of information on many of these areas. Similarly the course descriptions pages provide cues for you to find out more information by doing some research on the web. So, for example, if you see that a computing course includes the subject “Object Orientated Programming” you could find some of the many excellent free online tutorials on this topic on the web and work though them to see if this is the right area for you.

Part-time Students Helpdesk

The WIT Part-time Students’ Helpdesk is open to the public and is located in the main atrium of the main building on the main WIT Cork Road campus. You can call in to the help and information desk to discuss your options or, alternatively, get in touch with the Helpdesk at 051 302040 or [email protected]

Similarly you may contact the Course Leaders for each course who will be happy to assist with your queries.

WWAEGS - Waterford Adult Educational Guidance Service

The Waterford Adult Educational Guidance Service provides independent, confidential and free educational and career advice including one-to-one guidance consultations. WWAEGS is based on the College St. campus of WIT and can be contacted as follows:

For further information please contact:

Peter Lucey
Tel: 051 302287
Email: [email protected]

See the Adult Educational Guidance Association of Ireland for local offices in your area.

Mature Student Taster Course

Waterford Institute of Technology delighted to offer adults considering a return to education the chance to sample student life at the Institute. 

This is free of charge and is open to anyone aged 22 or over who is interested in getting a taste of third level education. It is particularly aimed at people who have no experience of third level education, who may be unemployed, are early school leavers or have had previous family commitments and may be interested in returning to education or would just like to see what college is all about. No qualifications are necessary for the school and there is no cost.

The course will include lectures, information sessions and activities. Experienced staff and current under-graduate mature students will be present to offer support and contribute to all sessions. There will be information relating to application procedures for college, financial support information, course information on a wide range of subjects, student support information and academic skills.

For further information on the Taster Course please contact:

Tel: 051 845513 | Email: [email protected]

Course Calendar

Most part-time courses take place in the evening and/or Saturdays. Indicative times and days are set out in each Course Description.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses generally start in September. In 2019/20 most courses will start the week commencing Monday 9 September 2019.

At the beginning of September students will receive confirmation of the course start date from the school office via email.

The WIT Academic Registrar's Calendar is available here.

Location of Courses

The majority of lectures take place in either the WIT Cork Road Campus or Browne’s Road Campus (Applied Technology Building). Classes may also take place in the College Street Campus

Mary PowerI have found the topics covered in the HCBS extremely beneficial in my career.

The content of each module is very relevant to all areas of business. Completing the course whilst working is proving advantageous as you can apply what you have learnt immediately in the workplace. Go for it! I sat on the fence for years thinking that I would not have the time to study part-time and work full-time! The resources at your disposal at WIT are excellent. Every goal is attainable if you put your mind to it.

Mary Power
Higher Certificate in Business Year 1


Clive Bolger

Over the years I had wanted to return and continue my studies but it wasn’t possible for me until 2012. It was a bit daunting returning to the system after 12 years, but it was as if I never left. There is a great support system in place, for example the college have a Maths Lab with a tutor to help students. The camaraderie within the group is fantastic; we all study together and help each other out.

Continuing with my studies in WIT has been a very easy decision on my part. For me personally it has given me huge confidence in my own ability, both professionally and personally.

Clive Bolger
2000-2001 Certificate in Manufacturing Engineering,
2012-2014 BEng in Manufacturing Engineering
2014-2016 BSc (Hons) in Manufacturing Engineering


"Studying at WIT has been a worthwhile experience. Although initially apprehensive, I found the experience to be thoroughly enjoyable. The course, the staff and the curriculum design really enabled me in my learning.

Achieving this qualification has certainly broadened my perspective of life in general, and has enhanced my key knowledge and skills which I can directly apply in my work. It has enhanced my perceptions of third level education, and I am thinking of pursuing further academic qualifications in the future. As always, you reap what you sow. It was hard work and timeconsuming but well worth it!"

Jennifer Mernagh
BA(Hons) Nursing Studies


Ciara Ferrick

My experience of studying at WIT was thoroughly enjoyable. Gaining this qualification has enhanced my life as it has allowed me to further my education by continuing on to do my level 8 in Applied Social Studies in Social Care. This course has expanded my horizons and visions. The three years of education and personal development helped me grow as a person by enhancing my self-concept as well as creating an awareness of the disadvantages in society of which I am passionate to change. This drive has enhanced my life by helping to make my goals clearer in order for me to be successful. The semesters flew by so fast, each one giving a sense of achievement like no other. At times there were struggles but the lecturers were really supportive and willing to reassure me every step of the way. Each semester challenged me, but built on my knowledge and my skills shaping the social care practitioner I aim to be.

Ciara Ferrick
BA in Applied Social Studies in Social Care


"Returning to education as a part-time student has greatly improved my life. Not only has it enhanced my outlook, but has also increased my friendships, improved my working qualifications and given me an overall sense of achievement.
I have worked for an excellent medical device company for the past eight years. I have been able to move roles throughout the organisation because of my new
qualifications, and my studies will help me to transfer to my ideal job in the future. I have nothing but positive feedback for the staff of WIT and my experience has been epic here. My advice to anyone contemplating a return to education is to go for it. Support and encouragement are always available. It could improve
your life more than you may think.

Kelly Tobin
Bachelor of Science in Good Manufacturing Practice and Technology