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Kids Klub established in WIT Music School in 1996, is a fun and exciting way for children to learn about music. Each child will have the opportunity to experience and learn in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The aim is to provide children with the basic understanding of the different aspects of music including pitch, rhythm, aural and ensemble.

The one year course stimulates the child’s concentration and imagination; it focuses on singing, keyboards and recorder thus providing a progression to further studies within the music school. The element of performance throughout the year encourages the children with goals and a sense of achievement.

The class is aimed at children in Junior & Senior Infants Class and takes place on Friday from 3:45-4:45pm.

Jazz Appreciation:

This is an informal listening class facilitated by jazz musician Phill Collins. The class will take ‘students’ into the many wonderful corners of jazz history from early jazz to the most modern of music which will both educate and enrich.  This class will suit all, from the complete novice to the aficionado; from the musically gifted to the tone deaf!
There are no essays, no assignments (other than informal), only the imperative to listen and study a little of the history and working of jazz.

Junior Cert Music:

The Junior Cert Music written paper curriculum is covered in these classes. It is most suitable for musicians of grade 2 standard upwards.  It is a two year course with students commencing the course in second year. The class duration is 1hour/week on Wednesdays. Classes are facilitated by a qualified secondary school music teacher.

Leaving Cert Music:

The Leaving Cert Listening and Composition papers are comprehensively covered in these classes. It is a two year course with students commencing the course in fifth year. Classes take place on Tuesdays and the duration is 1 ½ hours.  It is an ideal Leaving Cert subject  for musicians of grade 4 standard upwards as students may opt to take performance for 50% of the course.  Classes are facilitated by a qualified secondary school music teacher.


These classes are offered as an alternative to Music Theory classes. They follow the same grade structure with the option for students to take examinations. With lessons taking a practical approach, students learn skills such as singing and playing from memory, singing music from a score, improvisation and answering questions about written music. In developing these musicianship skills students become able to ‘think in sound’ and in doing so, are able to sing or play their instrument with a good understanding.

Music Theory:

These classes range from Beginners through to Grade 8 level. The study of music theory helps students to understand how to read music, giving an ability to interpret the various signs and symbols. This understanding transfers to more confident performance skills with knowledge of how the music should be played. For those students intending to study Junior and Leaving Certificate music, these classes provide a great foundation.

Theory and Arranging in Popular Music: 

This module is designed specifically for musicians who wish to enhance their understanding of the theory behind popular music. It will also educate in the area of jazz and popular music arranging. The module is designed to be useful in a wide variety of professional situations, as well as helpful for Leaving Certificate Students wishing to broaden their general understanding of music theory.


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