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Department of Education


The Department of Education offers initial teacher education and continuing professional development programmes to teachers and educators in primary, post-primary, further education and training (FET) and higher education.  Our portfolio of programmes includes:

  • Undergraduate programmes (Levels 6 to 8) in adult literacy, adult and further education and community education and development.

  • Initial Teacher Education Programmes (Levels 8 & 9) focusing on the formation of teachers and educators for the FET sector.  Both the BA (Hons) in Teaching in Adult and Further Education and the Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching in Further Education are Teaching Council-approved teacher education qualifications (TEQ) for practitioners working in the FET sector. 

  • Postgraduate Programmes (Level 9) in teaching and learning and management in education. Both programmes are designed to develop participants’ knowledge, skills and confidence to become positive and effective change agents within their own educational setting.

In addition, our faculty supports students' advanced research in the area of Policy, Practice and Professional Development in Education.

We have a deep respect for and understanding of adult learners and our primary focus is to support, encourage and guide our students to academic success whilst enhancing their career opportunities.

We hope that you find a programme or pathway of study that meets your education needs. 

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Dr Mary Fenton  Head of Department of Education

Dr Mary Fenton

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