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Department of Lifelong Learning

"Lifelong learning fosters people’s capacity to deal with change and to build the future they want. This is profoundly important given the disruption and uncertainly resulting from the familiar threats and opportunities of demographic change, the climate crisis, the rapid advance of technology and, more recently, the COVID-19 pandemic. The growth of populist politics, the deliberate spread of disinformation and the resulting threat posed to democracy highlight the crucial role of lifelong learning in fostering active, informed citizenship. Lifelong learning also improves employability and entrepreneurship through skills development and creativity, enhances public health and well-being, and builds more cohesive and resilient communities."  UNESCO

The Department of Lifelong Learning works in partnership with all the other Schools in WIT as the central agency promoting the growth and development of part-time courses at WIT including Springboard.

Please contact us to discuss any aspect of current or possible future WIT part-time courses at:


Neil Quinlan
Head of Department of Lifelong Learning
Room A03, WIT Cork Road Campus
Tel: 086 8989068  /  [email protected]

Lifelong Learning Office
[email protected]
051 302040