Entry Requirements

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Entry Requirements

What are Entry Requirements?

WIT courses typically have Entry Requirements  for admission onto the course. This relates to the level of learning and/or aptitude that the college believes that applicants need to already have in order to be able to be able to complete the course successfully.

The requirement for entry into the first year of an accredited major higher education course at WIT is typically a Leaving Certificate or equivalent [a ‘major’ course refers to a full Higher Certificate or Degree course for example].

Mature students  may be exempted from this requirement if they can demonstrate that they are suitable candidates for the course of study through WIT’s mature applicant assessment processes.

Some WIT part-time higher education courses may have higher entry requirements. For example in order to gain entry to the level 8 Bachelor of Business Studies (Hons) course students will typically have first completed the Higher Certificate in Business studies at level 6. However students may also demonstrate their aptitude for such a higher – level course

Please see the individual course pages for information on the particular entry requirements for each course. 

Garda Vetting

Certain courses – nursing, teaching or social care for example – may require students to interact with children or vulnerable adults. The Garda vetting process is applied – with the knowledge of the student in all cases - to assure the suitability of students to participate in these course activities. Students must undergo and recieve garda vetting approval for all such courses. Students on relevant courses will be informed directly by the course team and given the required form etc.  The application is then administered through WIT and students will be notified when results have been received.  This will be valid for the duration of your studies on the programme in WIT.

English Language Competency

Applicants must demonstrate that they have sufficient competency in spoken and written english language in order to pursue a specific course.

Please consult the WIT english language requirements pages for further information.