New Students:

  • All interested new students are requested to complete and application form to attend WIT Music School. Forms are available from the Music School Office or online at

  • Applicants may be called for audition where demand exceeds availability.

  • Places are offered in August, depending on availability and the current waiting list. Failure to respond to an offer will result in the child’s name being put back on the waiting list.

  • The Choral Programme hold auditions in June for the following academic year. Students must prepare a song of their choice and complete a short rhythm and aural test.

  • Parents and Guardians must ensure all contact details are up to date, including mobile and email details. In the case of primary school children contact details of the designated adults responsible for collecting the children must be up to date.

  • The Music School utilises letter, text, phone and email as methods of communication with parents and students.


  • Fees can be paid directly to the Music School Office by cheque, visa and laser. There are also online payment facilities; password details are available from the Music School Office.

  • If tuition fees are not up to date within an academic year, reminder letters will be posted to parents/guardians.

  • All tuition fees must be up to date before progressing to the next academic year.


  • The academic year is divided into two terms of 17 weeks with a midterm in October and February.

  • The Kids Klub is divided into two terms of 15 weeks with a midterm in October and February.

  • With the exception of the Choral Programme all ensembles resume the first week of the academic term in September.

  • Performance Week takes place at the start of Term 2 in January.

  • All Bank Holiday days that occur outside of holiday times will be made-up by the teachers. Students will be offered an alternative time and day by the teacher.


  • In the event of a child being unable to attend your lesson or rehearsal please make contact with the relevant teacher or the Music School Office. Continuing poor attendance may result in the child losing their place in the Music School.

  • A child who is not well enough to attend school during the day should not attend their classes or group activity in the Music School on the same day.

  • In the case of expected or unexpected lengthy absence from classes, it is advised parents/guardians contact the Music School Office directly.

  • Please ensure your child is on time for lessons and group activities. All students must be collected promptly from their lesson/group activity. In the event of an unexpected delay please contact the relevant teacher or Music School office immediately.

Cancellation of lessons:

  • In the event of a teacher being absent due to illness, contact will be made by the teacher of Music School Office to all students.

  • Where possible an alternative time/day maybe offered by the Music School Office with another teacher in lieu of lesson missed.

  • Cancelled lessons by the teacher will be made up at a later date in consultation with the student subject to room availability.

  • In the event of extended leave by a teacher the Music School will endeavour to make alternative arrangements. All students will be notified by letter of such an occurance.

  • Teachers are not obliged to make-up lessons cancelled by students at short notice. However, if prior notice is given of a cancellation, teachers will make every effort to make up the lesson at the earliest opportunity within their teaching timetable.

Waiting list:

  • Students who are currently on the waiting list are listed in order of application. Places are offered in August and January. Failure to respond to an offer will result in the child’s name being put back on the waiting list.

Orchestral Ensembles:

Orchestral Ensembles

Minimum Standard

WIT Budding Bows

Grade 1

WIT Concert Strings

Grade 4

WIT Orchestra

Grade 5

WIT Wind Band

Grade 1

WIT Guitar Ensemble

Grade 1

WIT Choral Programme

Choirs available from age 6-18

Students are encouraged to participate in an ensemble within the Music School. There is an ensemble waiver fee for students receiving their tuition at WIT Music School.

Returning Students:

  • Students intending to return to the Music School must indicate to their teacher their intentions before June 1st.

  • It can arise that students may wish to transfer to another teacher during an academic year or at the commencement of a new year. It is advised the parents/guardians meet with the Music School co-ordinator to discuss such a transfer beforehand.


  • All students at WIT Music School are expected to meet high standards of behaviour and conduct both in WIT and at public events.

  • All students at WIT Music School are expected to respect each other and all staff members.

  • All students at WIT Music School are expected to respect the authority of all WIT Music School staff members, especially during group activity supervision.

Health and Safety:

  • The WIT Music School does adhere and follow the Arts Council ‘Code of practice for working with children and young people’. Any issues relating to a child’s safety should be directed to the Music School co-Ordinator.

  • In the best interest of each child, it is advised the Music School has any medical, dietary, learning requirements. This information will be treated with the strictest confidence.

  • Parents/Guardians are advised to utilise the car-parking area when dropping and collecting children and observe the double yellow lines adjacent to the Humanities building.

  • Young children should not use the lifts on the WIT Campus building unless accompanied by an adult.

  • The canteen area on Campus can be utilised as a waiting area. All children are expected to be on good behaviour, with Primary school children supervised at all times.

  • Running and Climbing are not permitted in the WIT College Street Campus.

  • It is recommended young children have contact details written clearly in their homework notebooks in case of difficulty.

  • All students should be aware of the location of both the Music School Office and Porters Office in the case of any difficulty.

Issues/Concerns relating to your child:

  • Any issue relating to your child’s music education that maybe of concern to you can be brought directly to the relevant teacher by arrangement to meet with them.

  • The Music school co-Ordinator is also available to meet with parents/guardians on issues/concerns that may arise.