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Music Groups

‘Music, a magic far beyond all we do here’ J.K.Rowling (b.1965)

Group Piano Classes:

These classes are suitable for children aged 6-9 years. All beginner piano students are encouraged to learn piano within a group dynamic, whether through paired teaching or groups of 3-5 children in our keyboard room. The aim is to teach the basic rudiments and musicanship in a class situation where children will learn from one another, exchange ideas and encourage each other.

Paired recorder classes:

An introduction to wind playing for the younger children, suitable for children age 5 and upwards. These classes are designed for children who intend progressing to clarinet, saxophone and brass.

Musicanship Classes:

These classes are designed for students involved in the choral programme, but are open to all Music School Students. Students attending these classes improve their choral reading, aural skills and pitch recognition.

Group Singing:

Students are taught the fundamentals of singing in groups of 2-3 students. Vocal technique is developed through performances and graded examinations. Students explore Musical Theatre and Drama as well as Classical singing in the classes. The students are encouraged to participate in the choral programme at WIT Music School.

Music Theory:

Classes are taught in the theory of music from Beginners through to Grade 8 level. The study of music theory further develops a child’s musical understanding and gives a good foundation for the Junior and Leaving Certificate Music Syllabus.

Junior and Leaving Certificate Music:

The full syllabus is covered for the State Examinations. Both courses are two years in duration. Junior Certificate students commence their course in 2nd year with Leaving Certificate commencing in 5th year. Excellent results are achieved by all students.

Of all noises, I think music is the least disagreeable’

Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

WIT Music School Choral Programme:

The choral programme within WIT Music School is one of the most dynamic and progressive in the South East Region. Through the enjoyment of singing children learn good posture, breathing, articulation, discipline and teamwork. All the six choirs within the choral programme regularly perform in Waterford City and its environs.

Competing at the highest level is also a feature of the choral programme @ WIT Music School, the choirs have been consistently successful at the Cork International Choral Festival, Arklow Music Festival, New Ross Choral Festival and the Fintan O’Carroll Feis. The WIT Youth choir have performed at International competitions in Prague and Krakow, other performances include live WLRfm radio and RTE television broadcasts.

The choral programme caters for budding singers, boys and girls aged 6-18 years
Conductors: Niall Crowley, Sinead Dempsey and Oonagh Drohan

WIT Orchestra:

Instrumentalists of all ages are encouraged and welcome to become a member of the WIT Orchestra. A minimum of Grade 5 standard is required. The orchestra perform regularly throughout the year including members performing with the WLRfm Lyons Club Christmas Carol Concert and the Massed Bands Charity Concert. The orchestra performs a wide varity of music from the Classics to Modern with contemporary music by Irish composers also a feature.
Conductor: Niall Crowley

Budding Bows Chamber Orchestra & WIT Concert Strings:

Two ensembles for the younger string players who can read music. These groups allow the children to develop the skills of ensemble playing before progression to the WIT Orchestra. Both ensembles regularly perform throughout the year at various primary schools in the City and County.
Conductor: Deirdre Scanlon

Percussion Ensemble:

This group was formed in 2011 and already have performed to high acclaim. It allows persussion players to explore other aspects of persussion playing and international techniques with an emphasis on exploring contemporary compositions.
Tutor: Colm Ryan