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WIT Part-time / Flexible Learning Courses

Springboard Virtual Open Day

Springboard provides highly-subsidised upskilling in areas of high-skills demand within the economy - both for employees and people looking for work. Level 6 Springboard Courses are 100% - funded for everyone and employed people pay just 10% of the nornal course fee for Level 7 - 9 Springboard courses.

WIT will launch Springboard 2020 for applications at our Virtual Open Day on Wednesday 1st July

Come along to one of the Zoom sessions and talk through your options with our experts. 

  • Lunchtime: 12.30 – 1.30
  • Evening: 19.00 – 20.00

Zoom details for the Virtual Open Day will be published at https://upskill.wit.ie/springboard-part-time-virtual-open-day/ one hour before each session.

Contacting WIT Lifelong Learning During Covid

Right now the best way to contact the Springboard and Part-time Team is to:

Book a Zoom Call via the Springboard and Part-time Virtual Helpdesk

Please see below links to course pages for WIT Part-time Courses.

With ongoing social distancing regulations likely to continue in place into the academic year 2020/21 WIT is reviewing delivery modes of part-time courses for the coming year. This may mean a change from the typical course delivery schedule. We are planning to publish the listing of part-time courses that will be offered for 2020/21 with further details on schedules and modes of delivery in early July.

or email us at [email protected] or  [email protected]

South East Enterprise Support Initiative during COVID-19

The WIT Enterprise Support Initiative offered four accredited short courses fully online and at no cost to the student over summer 2020 as part of the college's response to the Covid emergency:

  • Digital Marketing and Social Media 
  • Payroll and Computerised Accounts 
  • Certificate in Management of Work-Related Stress 
  • Financial Management and Governance for Social Enterprises 

There was an enormous response to this initiative and WIT School of Education and Lifelong Learning is exploring the possibility of offering a similar initiative again in the coming months.

Further fully-funded or highly subsidised courses will be announced within the coming weeks as part of the Springboard initiative. The courses will be advertised at www.wit.ie/springboard - Springboard courses at level 6 are fully-funded ( i.e. - no fees ) and from levels 7 to 9 courses are 90% funded.

Code Name Duration
DPROJ L6 Certificate in Project Management (10 Credits) 12 weeks
BHRMG L8 Certificate in Human Resource Management (15 Credits) 12 weeks
M86494 L6 Digital Marketing and Social Media (10 Credits) 12 weeks
BBEDV L6 Payroll and Computerised Accounts (10 Credits) 12 weeks
BBUSI L6 Higher Certificate in Business (120 Credits) 2 years
BLEAN Diploma in Lean Fundamentals 1 year
BBUSI L8 Bachelor of Business Hons (120 Credits) 2 years
BMGTD L6 Certificate in Management Development (30 Credits) 15 weeks
Code Name Duration
BCEDV L6 Higher Certificate in Arts in Community Education and Development (120 Credits) 2 years
BADFE_D L7 BA in Adult and Further Education (60 Credits) 12 months
BTAFE L8 BA (Hons) in Teaching in Adult and Further Education (60 Credits) 18 months
BLITD L6 Higher Certificate in Arts in Literacy Development (120 Credits) 2 years
BADFE_C L6 Higher Certificate in Arts in Adult and Further Education (120 Credits) 2 years
BCOMM L6 Certificate in Community Studies (30 Credits) 1 year
BADFE_B L8 BA (Hons) in Adult and Further Education (60 Credits) 18 mths
BCEDV L7 BA in Community Education & Development (60 Credits) 18 mths
NA L7 Certificate in Social Enterprise Management (30 Credits) 1 year
BADLT_MA Certificate in Adult Literacy Studies (30 Credits) 1 year
Code Name Duration
EMANF L6 Higher Certificate in Engineering in Manufacturing Engineering (120 Credits) 3 years
EMANF L7 BEng in Manufacturing Engineering (60 Credits) 2 years
TCAMF L8 BSc (Hons) in Manufacturing Engineering (60 Credits) 2 years
WD599 MEng in Electronic Engineering (part time) 1-2 years
WD557 MSc in Innovative Technology Engineering (part time) 2 years
CFIRE L7 BEng in Fire Engineering (60 Credits) 1 year
ESITE L7 BSc in Construction Site Management (60 Credits) 1 year
Health Sciences
Code Name Duration
NCLRP L8 BSc (Hons) in Nursing Studies for Clinical Practice (60 Credits) 30 weeks
NEMNU L8 Certificate in Emergency Nursing (20 Credits) 26 weeks
NMEDI L8 Certificate in Acute Medicine Nursing (10 Credits) 3 months
NPRAD L8 Certificate in Pre-Admission Nursing (10 Credits) 12 weeks
NSTRS L6 Certificate in the Management of Work-Related Stress -  Online (20 Credits) 30 weeks
HLEAD L8 Certificate in Management and Leadership for Healthcare (10 Credits) 6 days
Code Name Duration
HSSSC L8 BA (Hons) in Applied Social Studies in Social Care (60 Credits) 15 months
WD592 L8 HDip in Early Childhood Studies, Care and Education (60 Credits) 1 year
M93619 L6 Western Art Music: Baroque to Mid-20th Century (5 Credits) 12 weeks
Code Name Duration
KCOMP L7 BSc in Computing (180 Credits) 3 years
BRADO L6 Introduction to Radio Broadcasting and Presenting (10 Credits) 12 weeks
SGMPT L6 Higher Cert in Science in Good Manufacturing Practice & Technology (120 Credits) 2 years
SGMPT L7 BSc in Good Manufacturing Practice and Technology (60 Credits) 18 months
SDARY L6 Certificate in Introduction to Dairy Science (10 Credits) 2 months
SSUSF L7 Certificate in Sustainable Food Production, Kildalton College or Botanic Gardens Dublin(10 Credits) 12 weeks
STURF L7 Certificate in Sportsturf Science, Kildalton College (10 Credits) 12 weeks
SNUST L7 Certificate in Nursery Stock Production, Botanic Gardens Dublin (10 Credits) 12 weeks
SGARD L7 Certificate in Garden Management and Plant Selection (10 Credits) 12 weeks
M95819 L7 Plant Protection [ Module ] (5 Credits) 12 weeks
Code Name Duration
WD560 Doctor of Business Administration (part time) 4 years
WD504 Executive MBA (part time) 2 years
WD506 Master of Business (Marketing Stream) 1-2 years
WD597 Master of Business in Lean Enterprise Excellence 2 years
WD607 MSc in Digital Marketing Practice 16 months
WD514 Higher Diploma in Business in Management 1 year
WD596 Certificate in Management Development 4 mts
WD600 Certificate in Project Management 4 mts
WD608 Certificate in Economics & Finance 1 year
Code Name Duration
WD548 MA in Management in Education 2-5 years
WD603 Masters in Education in Teaching and Learning 2-5 years
WD569 Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching in Further Education (Teaching Council Recognition) 18 mths
Code Name Duration
WD543 MEng in Electronic Engineering (full time) 1 year
WD599 MEng in Electronic Engineering (part time) 1-2 years
WD556 MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering (part time) 1-2 years
WD542 MSc in Construction Project Management (part time) 2 years
WD555 MSc in Innovative Technology Engineering (full time) 1 year
WD557 MSc in Innovative Technology Engineering (part time) 2 years
WD554 MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering (full time) 1
Health Sciences
Code Name Duration
WD602 MSc in Nursing 18 mths
WD593 Certificate in Management for Healthcare Professionals 3 mts
Code Name Duration
WD552 MA in Social Studies 2-3 yrs
WD590 MA in Applied Spirituality 1 yr
WD595 MA in Social Justice and Public Policy 2 years
WD592 L8 HDip in Early Childhood Studies, Care and Education (60 Credits) 1 year
Code Name Duration
WD519 /WD520 Postgrad Diploma / MSc in Analytical Science with Quality Management 2 years
WD575 Certificate in Advanced Chromatographic Techniques 4 mts
WD576 Certificate in Advanced Spectroscopic Techniques 4 mts
WD577 Certificate in Advanced Materials Characterisation 4 mts
WD580 Certificate in Strategic Quality Management 4 mts
WD581 Certificate in Statistics and Data Analysis 4 mts
WD583 Certificate In International Regulatory Affairs 4 mts
WD585 Certificate in Food Safety and Analytical Microbiology 4 mts
WD594 Certificate in Biopharmaceutical Analysis and Cell Culture 4 mts
WD571 MSc in Computing (Enterprise Software Systems) 1-2 years
WD516 MSc in Computing Information Systems Processes 1-2 yrs