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educationSpringboard+ Courses 2020

Springboard+ Courses 2020

Springboard Virtual Open Days

Our next Open Days will be Friday 20th and Saturday 21st November from 12.00 to 4.00

Course Delivery in 2020/21

  1. Lectures and tutorials at WIT will be generally be delivered remotely (off-campus) for the academic year 2020/21. Remote delivery may include synchronous and asynchronous sessions along with self-directed learning; live-streaming and other forms of remote learning appropriate to individual modules or programmes. 
  2. Learning activity such as laboratories and workshops or those that require special equipment will occur on-campus but be subject to appropriate social distancing and PPE based on the physical layout of the learning spaces. 
  3. Your level of on- and off- campus activity will vary depending on your programme. 
  4. Where prevailing public policy and the prevalence of Covid-19 change, return to on-campus delivery of lectures, tutorial and practical classes may be facilitated on a phased basis. Live streaming or remote delivery will continue in all cases in tandem with any further physical return to campus to ensure continued flexibility and choice for learners

Our library, shop and restaurants will all be open, albeit in a more restricted manner. 


L9 Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing Practice - 60 Credits | Blended | Jan 2021

L9 Certificate in Business in Business Analytics – 30 Credits | Blended | Jan 2021
Closed for Applications

L9 Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and Business Analytics [ HCI Pillar 1] # - 60 Credits | Blended


L8 Higher Diploma in Computer Science [2 Yr Online] – 90 Credits | Online | Jan 2021


L9 Certificate in NZEB Design | Blended | Jan 2021

L7 Certificate in Introduction to Automation – 15 Credits | Blended | Jan 2021
Closed for Applications


L9 Certificate in Science in Advanced Drug Formulation Science – 10 Credits | Blended | Jan 2021

#  This is funded from the new ‘Human Capital Initiative: Pillar 1’ part of Springboard. Eligibility for this funding is very similar to Springboard BUT there is NO 1-YEAR ‘COOLING-OFF PERIOD’ for recent graduates of a full-time level 8 degree programme before they can apply for a funded place.

Eligibility for Springboard Funded Places

Documentation Needed

An image of your EU Passport, or an image of your non-EU Passport with a copy of your Stamp 4 Visa [ simply take a photo of the documents with your phone ]

A copy of your Curriculum Vitae

​You must also include one of the following with your application:

  • A scanned copy of a recent payslip if employed showing your name & PPSN [remuneration details etc. can be redacted] OR a brief, current letter from employer confirming employment;
  • A scanned copy of a recent payment slip if in receipt of Jobseekers Allowance/ Benefit
  • A copy of a recent Bank Statement showing receipt of a different eligible Department of Employment Affairs & Social Protection payment
  • A letter from your accountant confirming that you are self-employed
  • An affidavit signed by you and the appropriate third-party confirming that you are a returning to the workplace ( for e.g. after stepping away from formal employment to take on caring responsibilities)

You will upload the documents to the Springboard website as part of the application process.

No offers of Springboard places can or will be made without the documentaion in place.

Residency Rules 

In order to participate on a Springboard+ course applicants must meet the eligibility requirements and that you are normally resident in the state at the time of course commencement and also hold a valid PPSN.

Applicants who are employed / returner / PUP  will need to meet the residency requirements, i.e. that the applicant has been ordinarily resident in an EU/EEA/Swiss state for at least three of the five years preceding their entry to the programme.

Pandemic Payments and Springboard

Applicants who were in receipt of the Covid-19 PUP at the time of their application will be able to retain this payment as they pursue their Springboard+ part time course. As with other DEASP payments you should ensure that documentation is retained to prove that the applicant is in receipt of the payment which they have stated as part of the application process.

Multiple Courses

  • Participants may not enroll in more than three courses in any five-year period. They may re-engage with the Springboard+ programme after a break period of two years. This criteria will be strictly enforced.
  • Participants who enrolled in more than one Springboard+ course since the inception of Springboard in 2011, and did not complete any course, are not eligible to apply. This criteria applies to all categories of applicant outlined below.
  • Participants who enrolled in just one course, since the inception of Springboard+ in 2011, but did not complete, are eligible to apply.
  • All applicants must meet the eligibility criteria outlined below and any additional requirements as outlined by the course provider.

Recent Graduates

One-year full-time and two-year part-time ICT Skills Conversion courses are open to recent graduates. However, to participate in a NFQ Level 9 (Post Graduate) course, a period of at least one year must have elapsed since completing a full time undergraduate degree course leading to a major award at level 8 on the NFQ.

There is no one-year 'cooling off period' for courses funded under the Human Capital Initiative - such as the Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and Business Analytics.

2019 graduates who have been in receipt of a social welfare payment and who are eligible to move onto the BTEA and retain their benefit, do not to pay 10% of the course fee.

2020 graduates will not be eligible to retain their benefit to do a full-time course if they have not been on the payment for 9 out of the previous 12 months. These applicants have to pay 10% of the course fee and would not be able to retain any benefit for the duration of the course.

More Information

The Higher Education Authority (HEA), who run the national Springboard+ initiative, has comprehensive eligibility information at https://springboardcourses.ie/eligibility which covers all individuals' circumstances. These pages include a useful eligibility reckoner app, an informative FAQ section, and contact details for the Springboard Freephone Helpline staffed by adult education guidance experts.



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Documentation Needed

All image of your academic certificates and transcripts. [ simply take a photo of the documents with your phone ]

These will demonstrate that your either (1) meet the academic entry requirements, or (2) they will support an application made on a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) basis.

You will upload the documents to the Springboard website as part of the application process.

No offers of Springboard places can or will be made without the documentaion in place.

Academic Entry Requirements 

Academic eligibility criteria for WIT Springboard+ courses are set out on each course page.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Where candidates do not currrently meet the formal academic entry requirements (set out on each course information page) they may be able to advance their application using the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) mechanism. RPL allows candidates to make a case that they do meet entry requirements through a combination of formal certified learning and learning through experience (most typically work experience). RPL applications must be made by filling out (please type) the Springboard RPL form and submitting it along with supporting documents such as academic certificates and transcripts etc.

Download WIT Springboard RPL Form

English Language Competency

Applicants whose first language is not English must submit documentary evidence of competency in English. Please see Click Here for WIT’s English Language Requirements.

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