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WIT Springboard+ 

Springboard+ offers opportunites for free higher education under two different funding schemes:

  • Springboard: open only to jobseekers; 
  • ICTSkills Conversion: open to employed people and to jobseekers.

In the academic year 2016/17 WIT was funded for courses in Computing (level 8), Financial Services (level 8), Engineering (level 9), Marketing (level 6) and Culinary Skills (level 6).

WIT anticipates that the next major round of Springboard+ course opportunities will be open for applications from May/June 2017 (subject to Government funding).  

Courses Currently Accepting Applications

WIT is recruiting for the following courses in Spring 2017

To apply simply click on the 'Apply Through Springboard' button before 9th January.

Springboard Courses

Certificate in Culinary Skills - 60 Credits at Level 6Apply through Springboard button

Skills-based course towards beginning a professional career in a commercial kitchen at junior / trainee level



Eligibility for Springboard

To be eligible for Springboard a person must be unemployed, actively seeking employment, with a previous history of employment AND satisfy one of the following three criteria:

  • Be in receipt of Jobseekers (or a broad range of related benefits) at the time the Springboard course starts.  There is no requirement to be in receipt of a payment for a particular period of time
  • Be signing for social insurance contribution credits;
  • Be previously self-employed.

For Springboard purposes ‘unemployed’ includes people who are on short term working and in receipt of a Jobseekers payment. Please see further information on eligibility for Springboard courses at: www.springboardcourses.ie/eligibility

Eligibility for Full-time ICTSkills Conversion

ICTSkills is open to both employed people and jobseekers. Applicants registered as unemployed for at least nine of the previous twelve months may qualify to retain their income support while participating in the course. Please see further information on eligibility for Springboard courses at: www.springboardcourses.ie/eligibility.