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Springboard+ 2018

WIT Springboard Courses for 2018 will be announced on 5th June.

Eligible applicants for Springboard+ 2018 

This year, for the first time, Springboard+ courses will be extended so that all courses will now be open to people irrespective of their employment status.

Level 6 courses will remain free to all participants.
Returners and those in receipt of certain allowances, including Jobseekers Benefit, will continue to be able to access courses free of charge.
For employed participants on courses NFQ level 7 – 9, 90% of the course fee will be funded by the Government, with participants required to contribute just 10% of the fee.

Categories of people who are eligible to apply include:

1. Those in receipt of an eligible payment from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection

who already hold a National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) award at level 5 or 6 or equivalent, with a previous history of employment.
with a previous history of employment who already hold a higher level qualification at NFQ levels 6 to 9, who may require additional upskilling or reskilling in order to re-enter employment.

2. Previously self-employed

people at all qualifications level who may require new qualifications to return to self-employment or to enter employment.

3. Returners

who already hold an NFQ award at level 5 or 6 or equivalent, with a previous history of employment.
with a previous history of employment who already hold a higher level qualification at NFQ levels 6 to 9, who may require additional upskilling or reskilling in order to re-enter employment.

4. Those in employment

wishing to upskill or reskill to meet required skill needs across a range of sectors

Places will be provided free of charge to those participants from categories 1-3 above. In the case of category 4, level 6 courses remain free and a contribution of 10% of the cost of the place will be collected by the provider for level 7-9 courses. This contribution can be paid by the participant or the employer. The HEA will fund the remaining 90% of the cost directly to the providers.

Free Adult Education Guidance Services in Your Area

Expert, free and impartial advice is available from your local Adult Education Guidance service office including offices in Waterford/Wexford, Kilkenny/Carlow, Tipperary and Cork. If you are struggling to choose the best option for you then make an appointment for a discussion about course choice, funding etc. with the experienced adult education experts in these centres.

If I'm Not Eligible Are There Other Funded Courses Available?

There are funded course opprotunities available from other organisations such as Skillnets - for example the Waterford Chamber Skillnet. The Citizen's Information website maintains a list of funded programmes available - http://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/education/vocational_education_and_training/continuing_education_and_training.html . Again, the best source of imopartial advice is your local Adult Education Guidance service as listed above.


Those who have completed a Springboard+ course within the past two years (i.e. graduated from a 2016 or 2017 Springboard+ call course ) are not eligible to apply in 2018 (unless the participant is seeking to progress their qualification level in the same discipline, e.g. level 7 to level 8).

Participants who enrolled in more than one Springboard+ course since the inception of Springboard in 2011, and did not complete any course, are not eligible to apply in 2018.
Participants who enrolled in just one course, since the inception of Springboard+ in 2011, but did not complete, are eligible to apply in 2018, but will be required to meet all eligibility criteria.

Your eligibility for Springboard with regards to social welfare benefits issues is best discussed with your INTREO case officer.

Please see more information at www.springboardcourses.ie/eligibility



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Academic Entry Requirements 

Please see information on entry requirements on each course page. Please note that we cannot make any offers until applicants upload the required documentation - e.g. copies of qualifications certificates or transcripts. If you don't have a scanned copy of your degree parchment or transcript then simply take a photograph of it with your phone and upload that.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Where candidates do not currrently meet the formal academic entry requirements (set out on each course information page) they may be able to advance their application using the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) mechanism. RPL allows candidates to make a case that they do meet entry requirements through a combination of formal certified learning and learning through experience (most typically work experience). RPL applications must be made by filling out (please type) the Springboard RPL form and submitting it along with supportuing documents such as academic certificates and transcripts etc.

Download WIT Springboard RPL Form 2017

English Language Competency

Applicants whose first language is not English must submit documentary evidence of competency in English. Please see WIT’s English Language Requirements for details at: http://www.wit.ie/about_wit/documents_and_policies/english_language_requirements



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Computing courses: Martina Mullally – [email protected] / 051 834137 

Other subject areas: Lorraine Quirke – [email protected] / 051 834137