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Research & Innovation

Connected & Aligned 

The majority of our innovative research activities are carried out in partnership with external companies, organisations and communities with the welcome support of funding agencies in Ireland/EU.

Our research centre and research groups are also increasingly working collaboratively both within the School and across the Institute to maximise the positive impact of their research processes and deliverables.

In addition to generating new knowledge and assisting our partners, our research activities are central to our aligned education programmes. Our research active faculty incorporate their research knowledge into their degree and postgraduate teaching.

Collaboration for Mutual Benefit

The School of Engineering is engaged with Industry on a range of levels and through a variety of activities. The main undergraduate engagement is via Industrial Placement. These carefully planned and managed placements facilitate students working with industry partners in Ireland and abroad for 6-8 months (January-August) as part of their degree studies. Many students return to their placement company after graduation and Graduate Employment is also obviously core to our Industry engagement. The School works very closely with the WIT Careers Service in helping companies recruit our graduates.

Engagement is also central to the School’s Postgraduate and CPD courses. We facilitate employees of partner firms to up-skill and enhance their knowledge while continuing to perform their roles in industry.

The School is also increasingly engaged with Industry through Applied Research projects that have a direct positive business impact.  These projects range in level, breadth and depth depending on the requirements of individual companies and the associated funding mechanisms. There are a number of national funding supports which can be used including Enterprise Ireland’s Innovation Voucher and Innovation Partnership schemes. The EU Horizon 2020 programme also offers the possibilities to leverage funding for partnerships between companies and the School of Engineering.

The SEAM Research Centre and the other Research Groups in the School of Engineering have helped approximately 120 companies improve their products, processes and people through applied research projects. All enquiries regarding potential future projects are very welcome and can be made directly to the relevant contacts in our Research and Innovation section.

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally and Globally

Internationalisation is central to our activities in the School of Engineering. We welcome International students from all parts of the world for short visits up to the completion of full programmes.  We also encourage and facilitate Irish students to travel abroad during their studies. Many of our graduates are working in International locations and with International companies.

The School has a number of active partnerships (MOUs) with universities around the world. These partnerships facilitate staff and student exchange as well as advanced entry, collaborative research and joint awards.

The School is currently hosting the largest number of Brazilian Science Without Borders students in Ireland. We are also active participants in the EU ERASMUS programme.

Thank you for your interest in our School’s International activities. If you cannot find the information you require on our website please do not hesitate to contact us. Visit our International Office for further information,