Sustainability & Energy Engineering

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Sustainability & Energy Engineering

Energy Engineers and Building Service Engineers design, install and maintain mechanical, electrical and energy systems within buildings.

These engineering programmes offer graduates an opportunity to work in a very exciting, dynamic and buoyant sector within the built environment.  Every company or organization is now actively engaged in reducing their energy consumption and new legislation is going to force them to reduce consumption even further. 

All new buildings must now be designed to meet stringent building regulations in relation to energy and very soon all buildings will be required to be designed to meet Passive House or Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) standards. To achieve these standards renewable and alternative heating and electrical power systems will have to be installed in buildings.

As a result Energy Engineers and Building Services Engineers are currently in high demand. 

All engineering companies involved in design, energy management, simulation, power generation and contracting, who work within this sector, are currently very busy, most are expanding rapidly and almost all are actively recruiting graduates. 

Become a Design Energy Engineer

  • Analyse the thermal performance of buildings
  • Design all the internal energy systems inside buildings: heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical power, lighting.
  • Determine the energy requirements of buildings.
  • Build 3-D models of these systems using BIM software
  • Simulate the performance of the building when these systems are installed.
  • Design electrical and thermal power systems for buildings.


Become an Energy Manager

  • Manage the operation of the energy systems in a large scale facility.
  • Monitor energy consumption patterns in buildings.
  • Undertake energy audits.
  • Investigate energy reduction measures, monitor and log results.


Become a Specialist Low Energy Design Consultant

  • Advise clients and Architects on low energy design alternatives for buildings.
  • Advise clients on renewable energy technology alternatives.
  • Perform energy audits of buildings and facilities and prepare BER certificates.
  • Use energy design software to analyse the energy performance of alternative designs.


Become a Site Engineer

  • Work on large scale multi-million euro projects supervising and coordinating the installation of mechanical and electrical energy systems.
  • Commission the energy systems to ensure they operate at maximum efficiency.

BEng (Hons) in Sustainable Energy Engineering

Colm Tynan

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MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering

Mervin Doyle

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