engineeringWelcome to the Department of Engineering Technology

Welcome to the Department of Engineering Technology

There are 3 main programme areas in the department

Undergraduate (full-time)
Course Code Name Duration
WD007 Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) degree - common entry 4 yrs
WD010 Higher Certificate in Engineering in Electronic Engineering 2 yrs
WD086 BEng (Hons) in Electronic Engineering 4 yrs
WD011 Higher Certificate in Engineering in Mechanical Engineering 2 yrs
WD085 BEng (Hons) in Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering 4 yrs
WD182 BEng in Electrical Engineering 3 yrs
Add-on Courses
Course Code Name Duration
WD031 BEng in Electronic Engineering 1 yr
WD026 BSc (Hons) in Applied Electronics 2 yrs
WD032 BEng in Manufacturing Engineering 1 yr
WD036 BSc (Hons) in Manufacturing Engineering 1 yr
WD190 B.Eng (Honours) in Electrical Engineering 2 yrs
Course Code Name Duration
Multiple MSc in Innovative Technology Engineering 1-2 yrs
WD543 MEng in Electronic Engineering (full time) 1 yr

In line with the mission statement of the institute the staff of the department endeavour to apply excellence in teaching, learning and research. The staff of the department seek to create an inclusive student centred environment, in line with the core values of the school.

The department is committed to the development of links between the schools, both primary and secondary, in the region, and the department. This is achieved in many ways, school visits (steps), development of transition year programmes (Engineer your future), participation in open days and school competitions run by the various professional bodies.

Since the introduction of science into national schools we are adopting some schools and assisting them in the development of the students in engineering and science.

The department is actively involved with the CALMAST group in the institute and has committed both time and resources to ensure the future of this ground-breaking group.

CalmastEngineer your futuresteps

Head of Department of Engineering Technology

Albert Byrne
Telephone: 051 302032
Email: [email protected]