Welcome to the Department of the Built Environment

engineeringWelcome to the Department of the Built Environment

Welcome to the Department of the Built Environment

The department is continuing to undergo significant developments of our existing courses. Our greatest strengths are our diversity of disciplines and offering a learning environment which mirrors emerging collaborative trends of industry. Our five specialisations focus on innovative responses to societal, commercial and industrial challenges to meet the needs of our changing world.

The department enables students to use the most up to date technology and utilise industry leading software. Our courses are focused on industry experience with all our level 8 courses offering work placement both in Ireland and abroad.

Courses are carefully constructed to ensure an interesting and well balanced content and work load. Our flexible learning offers opportunity to study on a part time basis at your own pace.  All our postgraduate courses are available as flexible learning modules.

Built Environment’s greatest strengths is its diversity, not only in terms of its particular mix of disciplines, but also in its teaching staff, many of whom have distinguished professional as well as academic credentials.