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Why do the BSc. in Applied Healthcare?

The BSc in Applied Healthcare program is designed to help you understand the varied needs of patients across the lifespan and enable you to deliver direct health care in hospitals, community care, general practice, pharmaceutical industry and health research. This course will also prepare you for the emerging area of internet and telephone health care delivery.

The BSc in Applied Health Care at WIT is the first program of its kind in Ireland. In WIT, we have a strong reputation for academic excellence and student-centered teaching, underpinned by innovative research and evidence-based practice.  You will be supported throughout your studies by a dedicated and highly skilled team, including an academic study advisor and clinical practice mentors who are committed to ensuring that you have a positive learning experience. The course provides an excellent foundation in the theoretical and professional skills required for health care professionals and enables you to become a knowledgeable, competent, safe and highly skilled professional. You will also get practical hands-on experience in our state-of-the-art clinical laboratories.

A unique aspect of this course is that graduates of the BSc in Applied Health Care have the opportunity to

  • Progress to Columbus Technical College and pursue further education in the field of nursing and continue further studies to become a US registered nurse.

  • Apply for an add-on year which is a Level 8 BSc (Hons) in Applied Healthcare. This will enable you to access post-graduate MSc programs in England within health care (including nursing) and further opportunities for post-graduate research.


For further details on both Level 7 BSc and Level 8 BSc (Hons) in Applied Healthcare please see course tab opposite.


Aaron Donnelly

2nd year BSc Applied Healthcare student

Aron DonnelyI wasn't sure what area of healthcare I wanted to go into leading up to the completion of my Leaving Cert until I found out about the BSc in Applied Healthcare. This course gives you an insight into every area of healthcare via both lectures and work  placement. In first year I completed a placement in a Care of the Older Adult setting whilst in second year I completed my placement in a General Practice. A very appealing aspect to this course is that you can interact with the lecturers and if you ever need help with something all you need do is send them a quick email and they will respond to you very quickly. The BSc in Applied healthcare offers students a very unique Degree as you are not restricted to one area of healthcare. Many career possibilities exist such as sales representatives for pharmaceutical companies; managing General Practices; post graduate study in health or nursing; and health research. Upon competition of this course I hope to either continue my study in nursing or work within  a General Practice.’

Course Leader(s)


Ms. Louise Bennett
Phone: 051 84 5558 
Email:[email protected]

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Jonathan O Donnell a third year student and overall winner of the WIT Solve-IT challenge 2015 declares that

“The BSc in Applied HealthCare program makes you think outside the box in terms of technology and how you can integrate technology into healthcare”





‘The successful completion of the Level 7 degree in Applied healthcare coupled with my achievements in entrepreneurship has allowed me to apply and successfully gain a place on Ireland’s first MSc Preventive Cardiology at National University of Ireland, Galway. I did not complete my leaving certificate and so the BSc in Applied Healthcare has allowed me to achieve goals and dreams I never thought were possible and for that I am very grateful.’

Farrah QuliMy Relatecare journey started in January 2015. Relatecare is a telehealth company in Waterford that has great connections with well-known hospitals in the United States. They employ on a part time basis both applied health care and nursing students that are studying at Waterford Institute of Technology. While still a student I joined the post discharge program team which entails making post discharge calls to patients who are recently discharged from a US hospital. This role gave me great insight into a different healthcare system and access to an electronic medical record system. I really enjoyed working as part of a team, the patient interaction and the feeling of really making a difference to patient well-being.  I worked hard and was selected as a ‘subject matter expert’. I was given extra responsibilities of coaching, training and general point of contact duties for the team.


As a result of the knowledge I gained from the connected health module at college I realised that there was be a great opportunity to carry out my management of care placement with Relatecare. During this placement I gained valuable insight into the various departments within the company. I met both the CEO and consultants and also gained a greater understanding of managerial and leadership roles. From this placement I knew that Relatecare was a company that I wanted to grow and further develop and gain more experience because of the diverse work they do.


Once I completed my final year of the BSc in Applied Healthcare, I was offered a job by Relatecare as a Quality Assurance Analyst. I was offered this position as a result of both the experience I gained in my previous role, my placement and the successful completion of the BSc in Applied Healthcare degree. My role as Quality Assurance Analyst entails:


  • Monitoring calls to ensure client quality standards and legal requirements are being met.
  • Working with American clients including Cleveland Clinic, visiting Nurse Association and Lahey Hospital.
  • Reporting monthly on the results of the call evaluations to establish areas of improvement and success.
  • Calibration with clients on a weekly basis to ensure that client needs are being met.
  • Working as part of a team to ensure monthly targets are been met.
  • Coaching and feedback with onsite agents.
  • Using various evaluation programs and software tools to assist in completing evaluations.


As a result of my Degree in Applied Healthcare, I am looking forward to seeing how my career grows within Relatecare. I am aspiring to achieve more direct access to overseas clients through travel as a result of my experience within our healthcare contact centres.