Health Sciences{title}

Health Sciences Courses

CAO Undergraduate
Code Course Name
WD188 BSc in Applied Health Care
WD117 BSc (Hons) in Psychiatric Nursing
WD116 BSc (Hons) in General Nursing
WD120 BSc (Hons) in Intellectual Disability Nursing
WD005 BSc (Hons) in Health Sciences (Common Entry) Common Entry
WD005 HPP BSc (Hons) in Public Health & Health Promotion Option
WD005 AHC BSc (Hons) in Applied Health Care Option
Add-on Courses
Code Course Name
WD198 Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Applied Health Care
Code Course Name
WD602 MSc in Nursing
WD587 MSc in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Motivational Interviewing (MI) for Practice
WD593 Certificate in Management for Healthcare Professionals
Code Course Name
NPSYC Certificate in Psychosocial Interventions for Practice
NCLRP L8 BSc (Hons) in Nursing Studies for Clinical Practice (60 Credits)
WD602 MSc in Nursing
WD593 Certificate in Management for Healthcare Professionals
NEMNU L8 Certificate in Emergency Nursing (20 Credits)
NMEDI L8 Certificate in Acute Medicine Nursing (10 Credits)
NPRAD L8 Certificate in Pre-Admission Nursing (10 Credits)
NSTRS L6 Certificate in the Management of Work-Related Stress -  Online (20 Credits)
HLEAD L8 Certificate in Management and Leadership for Healthcare (10 Credits)