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Healthcare Improvement, Quality & Safety

Quality of care and improvement lie at the core of effective and efficient health care delivery and positive patient outcomes and experience of care. The Department of Nursing (WIT) in collaboration with the HSE has established strong working relationships with the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. Here at the Department of Nursing, we have access to a network of people both locally, nationally and internationally with improvement knowledge and expertise. For example, Fellows of the Improvement Faculty for Patient Safety and Quality include Dr Michael Bergin (WIT); Lorraine Murphy (WIT/HSE); Mark White (HSE) and Professor John Wells (WIT). 

The Patient Safety and Health Care Improvement Research group undertakes empirical research that aims to inform policy and practice in the health services in Ireland in order to improve quality and effectiveness. Specific research areas are informed by three principal themes:

  • Service organisation, delivery and capacity building

  • Service user safety and risk management

  • Nursing and workforce planning

Opportunities to undertake research based masters and doctoral studies are currently available through specific funded projects. Prospective doctoral students can arrange to discuss such opportunities informally by contacting Professor John Wells at [email protected]


Further information relating to Healthcare Improvement, Quality and Safety can be had by contacting Dr Michael Bergin here at the Department of Nursing, WIT – [email protected].