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MSc & PhD by Research

Why do a Post Graduate Research Degree?

A question that many professionals in health care now ask themselves is, ‘should I do a research degree?’ Bearing in mind the commitment a research degree requires for successful completion you need to be very clear in your mind as to what you hope to gain. For example, a PhD requires intensive work on a focused research topic over several years. Therefore its important to ask yourself the following questions in relation to your future development:

Do I want a senior clinical, management or academic career path in the future?

If your answer is ‘yes’ then a research degree, and usually a PhD, is now an essential qualification to facilitate your career progression in these areas

Do I want to achieve something significant?

If you want to challenge yourself intellectually and make a contribution that is recognised by both your peers and wider society then a research degree is definitely an option you should consider.

Do I enjoy challenging activities that improve my intellect and skills?

If you want to improve your self-confidence, expand your knowledge, develop expertise in a specific skills set in relation to project management, and develop your abilities to problem solve and improve your abilities to communicate your ideas effectively then a research degree will facilitate you to do this.

Why Choose the Department of Nursing at WIT?

The Department of Nursing provides a full range of post graduate research training for students wishing to pursue Masters and PhD by research qualifications. The Department is committed to providing its post graduate research students with a high quality training and research experience. If you register with the Department you will work closely with your research supervisor and have ready access to supervision when you need it. If you are a full time student you will be supported by a dedicated office space within the Department.

Many of post graduate research students initially register for a MSc by Research and then later decide to transfer to a PhD by research. Those who already hold a Masters qualification can register directly with the Department for a PhD by research. To complete a MSc by research full time takes two years, whilst a full time PhD takes three years (inclusive of the two years registered at Masters level). Part-time research paths are also available

Our Research Expertise

The Department’s research expertise lies primarily in the fields of health psychology; biomedical research with an emphasis on oncology; professional and service user research; gender studies; health policy; approaches to clinical and professional education; improvement science and telehealth.

Funding Opportunities for Post Graduate Students

Often there are opportunities to study for higher research degrees in the Department through funded research projects. These funded opportunities are usually advertised in May and June of each year. Funded post graduate Masters and PhD by research projects in the past have included the development of a web based stress management intervention programme for health care staff; the relationship of cytokines to fatigue in patients with cancer and the views of employers on equal opportunities policy for workers with mental health problems.

International Partnerships

The Department has a range of international research partnerships such as those with King’s College London and the University of Lincoln in the UK; the University of Barcelona in Spain; the University of Graz in Austria and St John Fisher College in the United States. These partnerships provide rich opportunities for our post graduate research students to network and work with leading international experts in the field of study they are pursuing.

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