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Part-time Progammes

The Department's main listing of part-time WIT awards is listed in the Courses section. Here you may see full information on the courses, including entry requirements and application processes.

Other Specialist Courses

The Department also offers a further range of specialist courses

Our post registration courses are available to registered nurses with a focus of support and career development. We recognise that many nurses have already developed much experience and skills but have not studied for a while therefore we endeavour to provide as much learning support as is necessary. Our programmes are designed to recognise prior learning as a foundation to build on and advance your knowledge.

  • Do you want to reach your full potential through academia?

  • Have you been thinking about enhancing your career?

  • Do you want to achieve a degree in nursing?

  • Perhaps, this is only now the right the time to achieve this so read on!

The BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies is aimed at qualified nurses who seek a primary degree at honours level. There are two entry levels depending on your previous academic qualifications.


Entry Level 7: Assessment and Transition to Level 8

Delivery subject to agreed contact hours
Qualification Entry to Level 8
Cost on application
Closing Date for Receipt of Applications 26 July 2013

This assessment is aimed at the nurse who qualified at certificate level and who wishes to develop through academia. It provides an opportunity for the individual to reflect and record the contribution they give to nursing, to record their development in a structured format demonstrating achievements and professionals goals, to develop writing skills and extend knowledge base to prepare for entry of further academic courses.

On completion of this course, students will demonstrate the understanding through 4x15 credit modules of the following:

  • The professional role of the nurse

  • Exploring clinical practice

  • Developing your portfolio

  • Study skills

Entry Requirements

  • Registered as a nurse on any part of the register maintained by An Bord Altranais

  • Previous certified learning the student can apply for exemption of part/whole of the access on application through RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning).

  • Currently employed in health/social care setting for a minimum of 12 hours per week


Level 8:  BSc (Hons) NURSING STUDIES

Delivery  30 weeks
Qualification BSc (Hons) in Nursing Studies (Level 8)
Cost €2,800. International Students Price on application
Closing Date for Receipt of Applications 26 July 2013

The BSc (Hons) nursing Studies is aimed at registered nurses who have a diploma or equivalent award. The course comprises six 10-credit modules, i.e. 60 credits (Level 8). Students must complete five mandatory modules and one elective.


An application pack is available from Department of Nursing, School of Health Sciences, WIT
Breda Walsh, Administrator, Tel. 051 845567 or Email [email protected]
Dr. Patricia Chesser-Smyth, Course Leader, Tel 051 845560 or Email [email protected]


Student Testimonials

It is a very valuable experience for me to come to the academic world of Nursing. I was frightened before coming to college but from the start of the course I felt so well guided and supported by the lectures, office staff and librarians.

Yes of course the BSc (Hons) has enhanced my life. As coming from a different country and education system it was a new experience for me which is going to lead to practicing nursing to the fullest.

Until you engage in change you don’t know what you are missing. Studying in WIT will give exposure and chance to meet new people and learn from their experience.

Mavis Albert Lall
Currently Studying the BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies

Studying at WIT has been and enjoyable worthwhile experience. The Nursing Dept is very accessible and everyone is extremely helpful. Returning to study after a break of almost 10 years was terrifying but undertaking the course at WIT– even with 2 small children to contend with at home and working full time has given me the confidence in my abilities to further enhance my professional development and hopefully expand my career options.

Undertaking the BSc Hons in Nursing will give you the relevant confidence and knowledge to help you expand your career horizon however you wish. Work hard and its well worth it.

Janette Christie Lordaw
Currently Studying the BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies

Although initially apprehensive I found the experience thoroughly enjoyable. The course, the staff, the curriculum were all appropriate and overall empowering.

I feel achieving this qualification had broadened my perspective both in life in general and in my work area. It has enhanced my perceptions of third level education and quest for furthering academic prowess.

As always, you reap what you sow! Hard work, time-consuming but well worth it.

Jennifer Mernagh
Currently Studying the BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies

Certificate in Skills for Independent Living (FETAC Level 3 60 credits) 

Course Overview

To Apply

Pre-requisite Skills

Code N/A

Application form

Basic literacy and numeracy required

Level 3 (60 credits)



Duration 2 years part-time

Literacy and Numeracy assessment



Online applications not available. Please see contact details below for further information.

This FETAC Level 3 approved course is specifically developed for people with intellectual disabilities. The purpose of this award is to enable the person with an intellectual dis

Class of 2012

ability to develop relevant knowledge and skills to be able to take his/her place in society. The aim is that the person will develop a lifelong learning ethos through the promotion of inclusion in third level education as well as gaining skills that will allow the person to achieve independence within their own community.

At the GYMThe programme is delivered on a part-time capacity over a period of 2 academic years. This will allow sufficient time for the learners to develop and take ownership of their learning as well as ensuring sufficient supports are in place for them to fully engage in the programme and third level community life.

Delivery 24 weeks (over 2 years) - two days per week (days and times TBC)

Proposed Start Date September 2013

Qualification Certificate in Skills for Independent Living (FETAC Level 3 60 credits)


Year 1

Year 2

Personal Effectiveness

Computer Literacy

Application of Number

Health and Fitness

Communication (Written and Oral)

Career Development

Functional Maths


Student PresentationsCost TBC

Closing Date for Receipt of Applications TBC

Further information:

Sinéad Foran (Programme Leader)


[email protected]

Siobhán Flynn (Programme Co-ordinator)


[email protected]

This is particularly aimed at people involved in voluntary organisations such as youth clubs, sporting organisations, or individuals interested in gaining new skills and developing their potential. All courses are provided by experienced instructors and are practical based courses that require participation and practical application.

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR): This course is accredited by both American Heart Association (AHA) and the Irish Heart Foundation (IHF). This course is aimed at groups or individuals that wish to have instruction in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation  (CPR) and includes demonstration and use of a defibrilator. Whether you are an individual or part of an organisation this 5 hour course gives individuals the basic training needed to use a defibrilator and provide CPR to a member of the public.

This is particularly aimed at people involved in voluntary organisations such as youth clubs, sporting organisations, or individuals interested in gaining new skills and developing their potential. This  course is provided by experienced instructors and is a practical based course that require participation and practical application.

Manual Handling: This course is certified by WIT and available to the public. It is particularly aimed at individuals and groups who are interested in maintaining a healthy back and who may have some element of manual handling in their job or within their voluntary/leisure activity. This is a 5 hour course that is delivered by experienced instructors and has many practical sessions and applications.