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Rose Project

The ROSE Project is an online open source self-help programme aimed at reducing stress and burnout amongst health and social care professionals working with people with mental health and intellectual disabilities.

ROSE stands for Reducing Occupational Stress in Employment. The literature indicates that working with this group of people in support and training centres can be particularly challenging for staff in terms of occupational stress, emotional exhaustion and ‘burnout’. This is a significant reason for experienced staff leaving their jobs. This in turn reduces the ability of services to provide effective support to people with mental health problems and intellectual disabilities.

Whilst a number of stress management programmes have been developed for staff working in clinical environments no such programmes have been developed to support staff working in rehabilitation, employment support or social care environments.

The Project Team at the ROSE launch in the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland December 2010

The ROSE project and resultant programme was funded by the EU’s Leonardo Da Vinci programme and was carried out by 9 different partner organisations across 6 EU member states, led by the Department of Nursing at WIT.

The ROSE project is particularly significant at this time as levels of stress in the workplace and society at large are likely to increase as a consequence of the current economic downturn.

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