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Inclusive Education

The Department of Nursing also has a number of innovative non- nursing programmes for people interested in studies related to health care or personal development. These include a FETAC Level 3 programme for people with intellectual disabilities who wish to improve their life skills.

Certificate in Independent Living 

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Basic literacy and numeracy required

Level 3 (60 credits)



Duration 2 years part-time

Literacy and Numeracy assessment



Online applications not available. Please see contact details below for further information.

This FETAC Level 3 approved course is specifically developed for people with intellectual disabilities. The purpose of this award is to enable the person with an intellectual dis

Class of 2012

ability to develop relevant knowledge and skills to be able to take his/her place in society. The aim is that the person will develop a lifelong learning ethos through the promotion of inclusion in third level education as well as gaining skills that will allow the person to achieve independence within their own community.

At the GYMThe programme is delivered on a part-time capacity over a period of 2 academic years. This will allow sufficient time for the learners to develop and take ownership of their learning as well as ensuring sufficient supports are in place for them to fully engage in the programme and third level community life.

Delivery 24 weeks (over 2 years) - two days per week (days and times TBC)

Proposed Start Date September 2013

Qualification Certificate in Skills for Independent Living (FETAC Level 3 60 credits)


Year 1

Year 2

Personal Effectiveness

Computer Literacy

Application of Number

Health and Fitness

Communication (Written and Oral)

Career Development

Functional Maths


Student PresentationsCost TBC

Closing Date for Receipt of Applications TBC

Further information:

Sinéad Foran (Programme Leader)


[email protected]

Siobhán Flynn (Programme Co-ordinator)


[email protected]