Irish Culture & Nursing Studies Summer School

health_sciencesIrish Culture & Nursing Studies Summer School

Irish Culture & Nursing Studies Summer School


This Summer school is specifically tailored to provide nursing students an opportunity to visit Ireland, learn about Irish culture and the Irish healthcare system.

Each summer school can be adapted to facilitate any college’s particular requests in terms of focus and lectures. Students will be offered instruction on various aspects of Irish Studies including Irish Culture and Irish Nursing Practice and Education.

Summer School 2018

The Department of Nursing WIT hosted another successful Summer School Programme this year with a group from Middle Georgia State University. Twenty nursing students and two members of faculty participated in this Summer School. Lectures on a number of topics such as history, culture, healthcare, Irelands approach and management of people with Intellectual disability  and Nursing skills and management were  a flavour of some of the topics covered.

In addition to lectures, the Summer School supports an ethos of experiential learning and so day trips to An Rinn, Ardmore, Famine Ship New Ross and the Hook Lighthouse augmented and deepened the students experience of learning.

As one student put it “This study abroad trip has opened my eyes and my horizons as well as my views on the world. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity and I would absolutely recommend any other student to do it"

wit-campus Waterford Institute of Technology is located in Waterford City in the South East of Ireland. This coastal city is steeped in history and culture and is famous for its welcome and beauty.Student groups will be collected from the airport at the start of the programme and returned to the airport at its conclusion.

WIT will arrange tours and field trips to various locations of healthcare, social, historical, and cultural interest. In this way students can engage in ‘participative learning’.A week-end away trip can be arranged to the West coast of Ireland


Accommodation for students participating in the summer school is on the college campus.All apartments accommodate 3 to 4 students, with a shared fully fitted kitchen/sitting room and most have single en-suite bedrooms. All apartments have network facilities.

Irish Culture – The Major Influences:

  • Irish Identity; Mythology its Sport, Music and Literature.
  • The role of religion and education
  • Nationalism Northern Ireland and the influence of the EU.

Nursing in Ireland

  • History of Nursing in Ireland
  • Nursing Education in Ireland
  • Health care provision in Ireland (public/private)
  • Post Graduate Education an overview
  • Key note speakers

Applications, Registration and Payment of Fees

A Summer Programme Application Form must be completed by all students before they arrive at WIT – (usually undertaken by the students home University on our behalf). These applications will be submitted to the Office of International Education at WIT and then forwarded to the Programme Director.

All requirements regarding immigration compliance is the responsibility of the applicants. All students must ensure that they have adequate health and other insurances.

For more information, please contact:

Dr Sara Kennedy
Email: [email protected]